expectations with Oreos on top

Ok I'll admit it. So I enjoy it when Brad is on nights for work. Please don't tell him. It'd hurt his feelings. But an evening where I get to eat Oreos in bed without judgement... sign me up! I watch brain numbing reality shows until I fall asleep. And oh, a bed without my 6'5'' … Continue reading expectations with Oreos on top


31 going on 100

Do you ever have that moment when you just start staring into space and think I'm getting old. I'm not talking about my actual age, necessarily. 31 is nothing to complain about. But all of a sudden I'm not young. Last week I was at the grocery store buying wine (among other things... I promise) and the cashier … Continue reading 31 going on 100

“ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

"Ready for number two yet?" asks an innocent, smiley employee at the local grocery store (and 100 other random people). http://www.wititudes.com/wp-content/uploads/420x294xtheres-nothing-quite-as-painful-as-suppressing-much-needed-eye-roll-ecard.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Kvr2rv9keQ.jpg My eyes don't physically roll back as far as I want them to when I hear questions like this. Not because the idea of another child is so absurd or the question itself is … Continue reading “ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

10 bombass tiny goals you can achieve right now

It's March. And tomorrow is March 4th which is the only day in the year that is a command #RandomFact. It's the beginning of the month so it's time to evaluate your goals and how they're going. Fuck that. Evaluate our goals? Stoppppppppp. What happened to not taking life too seriously... you know, like on … Continue reading 10 bombass tiny goals you can achieve right now

8 everyday things it’s OK to lie to your partner about

My mom gave me some very important advice one time when I was dating some douchebag in high school. "You don't need to tell him everything." Wise woman. Consider it done. I realize she wasn't advising me to tell lies but it's just kind of what it turned into. 1. When you make dinner from a … Continue reading 8 everyday things it’s OK to lie to your partner about