A Day in the Life of the Infertile

5:00am :  Alarm goes off. Why do I get up at 5am voluntarily? Money. Ok let’s do this. #moneyismymotivation 5:15am: Coffee. All the Coffee. 5:45am: Arrive to teach my group fitness class. People look tired. And their tired face makes me excited. How can I wake these people up without being annoying. #ChallengeAccepted. Kelly Clarkson. […]


“ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

"Ready for number two yet?" asks an innocent, smiley employee at the local grocery store (and 100 other random people). http://www.wititudes.com/wp-content/uploads/420x294xtheres-nothing-quite-as-painful-as-suppressing-much-needed-eye-roll-ecard.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Kvr2rv9keQ.jpg My eyes don't physically roll back as far as I want them to when I hear questions like this. Not because the idea of another child is so absurd or the question itself is … Continue reading “ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

Infertility Awareness: Chelsea’s Story

Infertility Awareness Month! We wish, we hope, and we power through for the dream of creating a family. Sometimes the world seems so against us. But one thing I know for sure is… you are not alone.  Meet Chelsea & Josh Chelsea is an inspiration to me. In addition to countless medicated cycles she's also … Continue reading Infertility Awareness: Chelsea’s Story

Infertility Awareness: Beckie’s Story

April is Infertility Awareness month. I chose four amazing women to share their infertility story each Friday on the blog this month. This is for all of you who know what it's like to struggle for something that comes so naturally to most. We wish, we hope, and we power through for the dream of … Continue reading Infertility Awareness: Beckie’s Story

#HeyMallory: How Do I Prepare for an IVF Beta Day?

Q~ #HeyMallory I'm approaching my beta day after transferring two embryo's from my IVF cycle.  I tested at 10dp3dt (10 days past a 3 day transfer = 13 days past ovulation) and it was negative. I have three more days to wait until my official beta (clinical pregnancy test) but I'm feeling hopeless. What can I … Continue reading #HeyMallory: How Do I Prepare for an IVF Beta Day?

The Truth After An IVF Postive

Good news: I'm still pregnant. Bad News: Every hour I wonder if I'm still pregnant. I always imagined hearing the words "You're Pregnant" would send me straight to La La Land and I would have no more fears, no more worries, everything would be simply WONDERFUL! But the reality of life struck again... I'm not in … Continue reading The Truth After An IVF Postive