A Day in the Life of the Infertile

5:00am :  Alarm goes off. Why do I get up at 5am voluntarily? Money. Ok let’s do this. #moneyismymotivation 5:15am: Coffee. All the Coffee. 5:45am: Arrive to teach my group fitness class. People look tired. And their tired face makes me excited. How can I wake these people up without being annoying. #ChallengeAccepted. Kelly Clarkson. […]


#HeyMallory: How Do I Prepare for an IVF Beta Day?

Q~ #HeyMallory I'm approaching my beta day after transferring two embryo's from my IVF cycle.  I tested at 10dp3dt (10 days past a 3 day transfer = 13 days past ovulation) and it was negative. I have three more days to wait until my official beta (clinical pregnancy test) but I'm feeling hopeless. What can I … Continue reading #HeyMallory: How Do I Prepare for an IVF Beta Day?

Chronic Oversharer’s Disease?

Does anyone else suffer from a severe case of Chronic Oversharer's Disease (COD)? It is inconceivable to think that someone would not be interested in the chronological details of an IUI. Or how big my ovaries look today. Or how my follicle was a size 18 this time when I triggered but last time it was a 20...? … Continue reading Chronic Oversharer’s Disease?

A Change of Plans, Filling Voids, and… CHEERS.

I've gotta make this short and sweet because I actually have to work at work today... doing real work is the worst! Then I'll be in the car all day heading to my family reunion in Missouri! #YeeHaw! However, after an overall shitty-ass week... I have some  VERY.EXCITING.NEWS to share. A change in my infertility plan... So, … Continue reading A Change of Plans, Filling Voids, and… CHEERS.

The #TWW Survival Kit

I'm not your typical TWW-er. For those of you who don't know what TWW is... bless your sweet little hearts. I'm jealous. It's short for the dreaded, and arguably deadly, TWO.WEEK.WAIT. The torturous waiting period from the time you ovulate until you find out your life has forever changed for the better... or, more commonly, … Continue reading The #TWW Survival Kit