“ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

“Ready for number two yet?” asks an innocent, smiley employee at the local grocery store (and 100 other random people).

My eyes don’t physically roll back as far as I want them to when I hear questions like this.

Not because the idea of another child is so absurd or the question itself is offensive or ridiculous. That’s not the case at all. And I certainly don’t blame anyone for asking it. I’ve definitely done it. It’s just a small chit chat kind of question. Innocent.

But that simple question is not so simple when it took years, tons of money, hundreds of needles, and countless tears to get pregnant with the first one.

That simple question is not so simple when it gives you flashbacks less than a year ago when I thought my baby was dead the day he was born. (Read more here)

These are not good memories. And I truly feel like I JUST got my head above water.

I know I’m not alone on this either.

Right? Tell me I’m not alone in this.

I’ll have another baby. Ok? One way or another. It’ll happen. But not without a few flashbacks along the way. image

But it’s worth it. A million times over. Or maybe two more times. Or one.

And for those of you wondering, yes, I am looking for a therapist. Don’t worry. And when I do find one I’ll report on my experience with being on the other side of the therapy room.

Good times are ahead. Good times are right now.

Now, I’ve got a nearly 10 month old that just pulled a side table onto his head so I gotta go.

Happy Friday, friends.



3 thoughts on ““ready for number two yet?” hashtag wink wink

  1. Yes! I’ve been dealing with a lot of these questions lately. My daughter will be 1 at the end of the month and it feels like every person I’ve ever met is asking about another baby. I know they don’t get it, that is physically hurts when they ask. I would love to be able to just wake up one morning and decide to have another child. It simply doesn’t happen that way for a lot of us. Making a Dr’s appt and opening a savings account doesn’t seem to have the same magic…. thanks for sharing, as always. ❤

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  2. I have been getting this question a lot too. I have a hard time answering though because I can’t have anymore. If I say no, then I have to answer why, and that’s a long drawn out story. I guess I could just simply and say “I almost died so in order to live they had to take my uterus”. I am sure they won’t ask me anymore questions after that. Lol

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  3. One of my best friends had her first baby in October of 2016. She’s now right at the age when people start getting curious, and it irks me so much! Maybe she doesn’t want to have another kid! She does, but they don’t know that. She’s in no rush, and I get defensive on her part, though she takes it with such grace. I cannot imagine what it’s like to feel that unnecessary pressure from people. I love that you’re talking about it!


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