10 bombass tiny goals you can achieve right now

It’s March. And tomorrow is March 4th which is the only day in the year that is a command #RandomFact. It’s the beginning of the month so it’s time to evaluate your goals and how they’re going.

Fuck that.

Evaluate our goals? Stoppppppppp. What happened to not taking life too seriously… you know, like on Friends episodes when they have enough time to eat breakfast together and 30 minute chit chats before their commute to work? I don’t know about you but in my life it’s always like FUCK MY LIFE IS IT MORNING? HOW CAN I LOOK LIKE I SHOWERED TODAY?

Like, that’s really my type of goal. Faking a shower. The minute by minute kind of goal where my entire focus is to come off like I did something I didn’t do.

There was a time I called myself ambitious. I thought this was the way to go. I wanted to earn my Masters degree… so I did. I wanted to become a fitness instructor… so I did. I wanted to marry a 6’5” hot piece of ass… so I did. Not without a lot of hard work and a solid ultimatum #WinkWink

But now… NOW, I’m living more in the moment. And the key is: small goals.

Here are 10 bombass tiny goals you can achieve right now.

  1. Smile more 
    Ugh I hate it when someone tells me to smile. I smile all the fucking time. But I told Brad I was going to start working on smiling more because for some reason every day I’m going around smiling at strangers but when he gets home I’m like “here’s the baby, peace out” without a hug or a smile. It’s really not very nice. I’m working on it.
  2. Get a babysitter
    Once a month, at least. We just started doing it and it felt like a vacation. It’s nice to have family, of course but there’s something about the babysitter and not feeling guilty for coming home late that makes a date night so much more enjoyable.
  3. Get dressed each most days.
    Since staying at home now I’ve struggled to not be wearing the same clothes every day so I’ve made this goal for myself. Activewear is my jam but I have to admit, I feel more productive when I wear some fancy jeggings and a splash of mascara.
  4. Ask your spouse how his/her day was.
    I know, this sounds very 1950’s of me to suggest. But it’s true. Is your spouse like mine where he doesn’t say much about his day unless you ask him? I mean, when I would get home from work it was like word vomit for 30 minutes but him, not the case. At least ask. He’ll appreciates you caring.
  5. Drink a glass of red wine
  6. Name 3 things you’re grateful for every morning
    I use to tell clients to do this. Such a great way to get perspective before your day starts. Mine usually starts with “I’m so grateful my baby slept last night.” If you needed any ideas…
  7. Be nice to someone who annoys you
    You know that annoying girl on your Facebook that never shuts up about things you don’t care about. Compliment her. In some weird, twisted way it’ll give you a boost.
  8. Try something new
    You never know what kind of fun you’re missing out on. Like a new class at the gym or meet up with a mom’s group that seems boring or intimidating. Get out and try it!
  9. Create time for just yourself
    No kids. No spouse. Just you. They’ll survive. Sometimes it’s easy to feel ‘selfish’ if we toss those kids to our spouse and head out the door… or even up the stairs to watch a brain numbing show for an hour. But do it. You need space. Prioritize YOU.
  10. Make a budget
    Nevermind. Don’t ask me about this one. I heard it’s a good idea but my goal has always been DON’T SPEND ANY  MONEY. End goal.

I could’ve summed this entire post up by simply making the goal to be more like this:
Happy Friday.


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