9 Months: The Sweet Spot

I often hear mom’s say things like “Where has the time gone?” “You’re growing too fast!” or “I wish I could pause time.” The first 6 months as a new mom I can honestly tell you I never once had those thoughts. My response to these mom’s was more like,”what the fuck, are you delusional from the lack of sleep? Time IS standing still.”

I know, it’s not a popular thing to say. I know, I shouldn’t wish away time. But let’s face it, being a new mom is hard. Crying babies are hard. Not being able to go out for margaritas and sleep in the next day is hard. So you wouldn’t find me wishing time to stand still during those first months.




Now I really, wholeheartedly could tell you I wish time would stand still. It only took about 8 months to get to this point but I think I’m here. I’m in what I’m calling The Sweet Spot. This is when your baby starts to sleep through the night, naps are more predictable and usually longer than 30 minutes, he’s smiling more than he’s crying, and he’s still slow enough at crawling that there’s only an 80% chance he’ll make it to the liquor cabinet before you get done blowing your nose. The Sweet Spot. It feels good to be here.


And for those that have been here since your baby was born, I hate you. But I can at least now understand why you were always saying “I wish I could freeze time.” Because I too, wish I could freeze time now. #ImFinallyInTheClub!

I’m not sure how long The Sweet Spot lasts but I think it’s about 7 days. In fact, it might already be over as Kent woke up at 3:45am this morning for 1.5 hours. But I’m really hoping that was a fluke. A really annoying fluke. Although one perk to The Sweet Spot is you’re more comfortable hearing your baby cry. Like, the fact I could hear him crying and I knew he was safe and didn’t need anything (I checked) made it a lot easier to sleep through the noise coming from his room. Like, honestly not a problem. #MomOfTheYear


Kent has officially quadrupled his weight since birth – coming in at a whopping 20.3 pounds, putting him in the 60th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height #PremieNoMore!

His round little head is full of lovable baby fat cheeks that I love to push together to make a fish face and it makes him laugh. His cankles couldn’t be cuter and his smile has two little teeth poking through. He LOVES being read books and watching me dance to show tunes with a glass of wine in my hand. He eats any kind of food that is on a spoon. He smiles with a huge wide grin at anyone who talks to him and he is crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE. He is pulling himself up on furniture, tries to walk, and loves standing up to look around at everyone. Shit is getting real.

My favorite thing about him (besides him sleeping through the night… last week) is I think he’s kinda funny. I know that sounds weird since he can’t talk but I do, I think he’s funny. I also think he’s a serious trouble maker, even though he hasn’t done anything worth earning that title, I’m just going to call it now. He’s a trouble maker… in a good, curious, funny kind of way.



Momhood is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, obviously. I feel needed, loved, and a sense of purpose you can’t compare to any other relationship or any other job. I’m still in the stage of “look at my baby, isn’t he the cutest creature that has ever set foot on this planet?” As if I’m the only one who has ever had a baby. I wonder if that feeling will ever go away. I’m proud. Proud to be his momma!

Keep growin’ little man!  I love every day with you.

PS- I showered, got ready, AND wrote this post all during the time he took his 1.5 hour nap.

PPS- That has never happened before.

The Sweet Spot. I love you.


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