Vacation Recap

So I hate to remind you but it’s inauguration day. Kill me. As a distraction I’m writing on all things good in my life recently. Not included, my baby has learned to hold hard objects in his hands and bang them together repeatedly to make a deafening, brain numbing sound. Perf. 

In case you missed it in all my bragging glory, my hottie and I img_8027went on vacation last week. And it was everything I imagined it would be and more. Bonus: 7 days without the baby wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Quit judging me. I’m serious. It was like the old days when we drank sugary cocktails for dinner had no obligations outside of ourselves. Back when we were both in school and could stay up late, sleep in, not have residency ruining our lives or a baby to attend to every waking moment. That memory is distant but for this last week we were reminded about what it was like to only worry about ourselves, rack up credit card debt on super good food, and go to bed later than 10pm without waking up with guilt asking ourselves “why the F did we do that?”

Of course relaxing was a high priority for this trip but if you’ve ever met me, or can tell through my writing, relaxing aint my thang. So being the good sport and up for anything kind of guy he is, Brad agreed to participate in checking off items on my aggressive Kauai to do list.

Here’s the recap:

Day 1: Travel

View from our resort room

After over 12 hours of airports and staring at pictures of my baby we arrived in Kauai. The time difference is 4 hours so even though the sun was still up at 5pm my grandma ass was about to hit the hay. We ate an overpriced hotel dinner and started vacation off right with a 10pm bedtime.

Day 2: Catamaran Tour on the Napoli Coast

This was my favorite activity we did. Nearly 6 hours of pure heaven. We saw several active humpback whales, countless dolphins that loved to play right by our boat, manta rays, snorkeled in the clear blue ocean, and they even provided free beer. I mean, what a dream.

Day 3: Paddle Boarding & Beach Day

Paddle boarding was not as hard as I thought it’d be. I definitely beat Brad, if anyone was considering this a competition. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Day 4: Zip Lining & Dinner

Zip lining wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be either. I went superman style, in case that makes me cool. The views were incredible. Best part may have been that Brad hit some trees due to his freakishly long limbs. We then drove up the coast to a restaurant called The Dolphin. No dolphin were served there, however. We had sushi. I didn’t count exactly but I think Brad had 6 rolls to himself #DadBod

Day 5: Luau

A buffet of delicious food, extremely stiff drinks, and tons of dancing. No complaints here.

Day 6: Hanakapaia 8 Mile Hike

First off it was more like 15 miles in my opinion. It took over 5 hours and it was hard! These pictures don’t at all reflect the stunning views we had while hiking. It was the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen in my life. Downfall, when we finally made it up to see the stunning waterfall on mile 4, there was a woman who looked like a super model arching her back on a rock in a thong. I was like, really? How did you hike here wearing that, why are you wearing that, and also, just a general what the fuck. Get outta my pictures.

It’s funny when you do something challenging like a difficult hike how you become a team. As our feet got sore and our bodies began to ache we kept pushing each other forward. I often shouted “NOBODY HAS PASSED US. WE ARE WINNING.” On mile 7 we were almost done, hungry, out of water and totally exhausted. But we had this euphoric feeling like “we can do anything!”  We were congratulating each other on our hard work and how fun it was to do together. Then we both ate a snow cone that had an inner layer of ice cream. Minor detail.

Day 7: A Day of Rest & Depart.

Basically we ate all the calories we could possibly consume in a given day, took naps, and baked in the sun until our 11pm flight departed. Time to get home to my baby.

As turned the corner for my parents house where Kent stayed all week, I became teary eyed knowing I was going to hold my baby again in a few minutes. It was the first time I felt like crying the entire trip. I didn’t even realize how much I missed him until I held him again.  #HappyTears


And in case you’re leaving your baby for the first time soon and you’re wondering if he’ll remember you – he will. He still loves me. #ThankYouGod!

Quick shout out to my mom who made it super easy to leave my baby. And for putting him in a bow tie every day he was there. Oh, and mom – real quick – can you take him every year in January for the next 18? Perf. Thanks. Mom’s rule.

I’m thankful things are good in my life, despite my feelings about our next president. I’m working on focusing on what’s good. Good. Focus on the good. #Repeat.


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