Product Review Monday + GIVEAWAY

Say WUUUUT? A perfect last minute Christmas gift for your favorite little one who won’t remember! Your little baby is going to be cute as ever in these new little shoes from LoveBubDesigns – head over to her website to see all the different styles to choose from!


I’ve gotta make this post short and sweet because as the first day of being a stay at home mom (we are moving, I had my last day of work on Friday… more to come on Friday’s post… hopefully) it’s becoming increasingly clear to me writing a blog post with your baby staring yelling at you is harder than I thought it’d be.

So, let’s get to it. If you know me you know I’ve got a slight obsession with baby shoes. Almost all of them fall off before he makes it out the door but these baby moccasins are in it for the long hall! They’ve literally never fallen off. And, can you really beat this cuteness (and at $24.95 you can’t really beat this price either!) They are made by a fellow momma and fashion design major, Sydney Freeman at LoveBubDesigns.

And if you simply can’t wait and want them NOW head to her website for 10% off with code: Happiness10

Here’s how to enter to win your free pair!

  1. Head over to my Instagram and follow the super easy directions on there @happinessglassblog
  2. Follow my blog for 5 extra entries


Cheers, Chicas!


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