Product Review Monday: Ingenuity Playard + GIVEAWAY!

This is not your average product review Monday! I am excited to have teamed up with Ingenuity Baby and host a big, humongous, giano GIVEAWAY! One of you hot mommas are going to win this playard… fo’ free!

Ingenuity Baby TravelSystem Playard


4 out of 5 Wine Glass Rating

What it is:
 You can have your newborn sleep safely in the bassinet or keep your army crawling 6 month old safely contained in the lower portion. This is perfect for traveling to hotels (because I swear, I just stayed in a hotel and used the playard they provided there and it was nasty) or just another place in your house to keep your baby (safely) hostage so you can brush your teeth for a hot sec.

Why I used it:
We used this when we had friends or family visit us. Something you should know, we live in a small two-bedroom townhome so when family or friends stay with us we are faced with two options for our nocturnal baby: 1) our guests can sleep in the same room as him. 2) The baby can sleep in bed with us. Ummm #NOTHANKS! So when guests come we set up the Ingenuity Travel System Playard in our bedroom.

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with this product. The first important thing to note is it is SUPER easy to set up. Honestly, you can do it with one hand. I know this because I did it with one hand while Kent was refusing to not be glued to my side. It’s really freakin’ lightweight and transport (look at my just slinging it around like a hula hoop!). Plus, at $95 the price is truly the best (other playard run upwards $150).
And one last thing, if your baby throws up as much as mine does… do not fear. This product is super easy to wash. Trust me!

The GIVEAWAY: Here’s how to enter!

  1. Subscribe to my blog for 5 extra entries!

  2. Comment below with your favorite kind of wine (because why not?) for 1 entry!

  3. Enter via Instagram @happinessglass_ and follow my rules on there!

*Note: I wrote this review while participating in the Kids II blogger campaign and received monetary compensation and free product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


25 thoughts on “Product Review Monday: Ingenuity Playard + GIVEAWAY!

  1. First, Can I first just say how freaking amazing you look. Holy crap girl. A-FREAKING-MAZING.

    Second, I subscribed to your blog #didntrealizeiwasntsubscribedalready

    Third, I don’t drink ever (#donthateme) but when I did, apple wine was my fave from Door County.

    Fourth, entered via Instagram.


  2. I want this!!

    Favorite type of wine is any of the cheap stuff from Trader Joes. They have dozens of wines for less than $5, and nobody recognizes the labels so they have no clue how much you paid for them. Plus they taste good. Win win!


  3. This post is awesome! And I, personally, like the wine you can drink. Hahha, I’m open to whatever, but a cab is my number one choice since little miss arrived!


  4. He looks so cute in there! We’re headed to my parents in Chicago for XMas and already wondering what to bring for our guy to sleep in. The Rock and Play is starting to get too small. He’s only 11 weeks and looks like a tomato in it.

    Secondly, my fav wine has to be red. I cringe at white (too many bad flash backs to college). I recently had ALDI wine …and guess what?? It was so good! No wine snobbing here.


  5. Okay, subscribed! I was super excited to see your review of this because I’ve never heard of this brand before. I had already been investigating other brands with similar products and, you’re right, they are so expensive! Also, all time favorite drink is a mojito but I also love wine and love Gewurztraminer – sweet, but not tooooo sweet. Cheers!


  6. Meomi is my current fave red! $14 Trader Joe’s

    Oyster Bay Sauvignon blanc is my fave white. $9

    I’ll echo the first gal’s sentiments and say you look amazing. 👌🏼


  7. Moscato is my fav! I am a new reader (about a month) and I LOVE your blog. You’re hilarious. Plus our sons are just a couple weeks apart 🙂


  8. I love Jacobs Creek Moscato. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and tart. I don’t have playard yet so this would be amazing:) You do look fabulous by the way! I’m still wearing my maternity pants and nighties lol


  9. I’m not a wine drinker right now because my LO is 8 weeks old and I BF but when I can enjoy wine again, I love something called ice wine from this little winery in Algoma, WI (about 2 hours from me). I subscribed to the blog..I couldn’t believe I wasn’t already!


  10. Subscribed!
    I’m not currently drinking (*cough* #soberandbitter) due to being pregnant, but I was turning to mostly moscato before we started trying with this one.


  11. I stumbled across your blog on your IVF retrieval date, it was the same as mine! I have enjoyed watching and reading your journey to motherhood! My daughter was born end of June and we recently had our first road trip to Milwaukee to visit family….excited about and easier and bettter option than the traditional play yards.
    My favorite wine is Old Vine Zins. And for an economical choice (and to enjoy a glass daily) I have found Pour Haus boxed wine to be quite delicious.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with such humor and honesty!


  12. Love your blog- It’s a good way to ease into the workday! I’m currently loving Electric Reindeer- red blend- not only is it festive, but it’s basically $5 a bottle. Cheers!

    I also subscribed!


  13. I love your blog – we had our babies (both early) within a week apart! Plus, our babies seem to have gone through several of the same issues, so I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone! 😀

    I don’t drink much but my favorite wine is moscato.


  14. Subscribed 👍
    Followed instagram 👍
    Pinot noir from costco !

    IVe been following your IG since i started my IVF last October of last year. You gave me hope in every IG you posted. My little baby 👶 is now 4 months. Would loved to win since we are going for a trip to ohio for my husbands graduation this december and I definitely need one of this travel system.


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