Kent 6 Months Update + Family Photos

Kent is 6 months. What the… what? This shit is bananas. imageThe first 3 5 months I was praying time would speed up because #Colic #TerribleSleeper #RefuseToSmile  And now, PLEASE STOP THE TIME.

I sounds like one of those new mom’s that an hour after they get home from the hospital they’re like “I’ve never been happier. I wish time would freeze.” 

I, for one, never felt like that… until now. This is the happiest, most enjoyable month of my life #DramaticMuch?

I imagine this is the time where you get amnesia from any negative associations you had with birth/infancy and you only see what’s in front of you: An adorable, happy, sleeping, smiling baby! So I’m ready for #2! Yep! #JustKidding #NotReally #YesIAm #NoImNot


Like, give me 100 more.

He has eaten his way from his premie stage of less than 5 pounds, to a 17.5 pound growing machine. #APremieNoMore No shit, son. You’ve been on a 24/7 growth spurt! No wonder you were cranky those first few months! I’ve never had a growth spurt (no really, I haven’t) but I heard they are painful! I am so proud that he can down all the milk… and my wallet. Formula aint cheap. And neither are animal hats.

Seriously, animal hats FTW.

All of those nights I held you while we both cried out of exhaustion were worth it. You make me run my shopping cart into people at the grocery store because I can’t quit staring at you. You make me look like a lunatic in public when I make high pitched squeals at you trying to get you to laugh. I loiter near store entrances in hopes strangers will see you and comment on how cute you are. I’m not ashamed to admit these things because I’m your mom. And I will embarrass you with how much I love you for the rest of my life. I promise.

As you learn to crawl, talk, and eat real food… I will hold you tighter. You have learned to fake cry to get your way and I will always find this funny. I will secretly love it when you have a cold and become more needy than usual. As you continue to sleep longer stretches I will continue to creep into your bedroom late at night to touch your cheek and make sure you’re alive. As you get older, I will try not to stare at your so much that it causes my contacts to dry out. I will to try to blink, look up on occasion, and generally try to act more normal #NoPromisesThough

I deeply regretted not doing newborn pictures but this little 5 pound stranger took us by surprise and it was survival mode for far longer than I care to admit. So, now I’m going to flood you with my beloved family photo’s we took 3 weeks ago.


Smother. #Always

And to this guy, who has hugged me when I was crying from exhaustion, smiled when I yelled at him when I was stressed out, loved me when my hormones were out of wack… I love you. I love your high pitched voice when you talk to the baby. I love how much you miss us when you are at work. I love how you make me feel beautiful. You are so much to love. And I don’t wonder for a second where Kent gets his good looks and sweet smile from either.


This is a happy life.

Cheers, Friday. Cheers, Kent. Cheers everyone because it’s almost Thanksgiving and we can stuff our face! #Cheers


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