Product Review Monday: Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow

Attention prego’s! You… girl with growing bump! This post is for you! Today I’m introducing you to my friend, Leach. Cute, I know. Everyone says you need one when you’re pregnant, but do you? Here’s my take…

Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow


I would’ve LOVED to take a picture of myself, not pregnant, pretending to sleep curling up to this thing but… no.

3 out of 5 Wine Glass Rating

What it is:
A pregnancy body pillow for your pregnant self. It’s designed (by a nurse and mom) to elimante the need of hassling with a bunch of pillows to get comfortable. Many women, espcially late in their pregnancy, experience restless leg and overall discomfort. This pillow promotes comfort and supports your belly, back, neck, and hips.

Why I used it:
This was given to me by my hair dresser (hair dresser #forthewin!) And honestly, I had seen these pillows and would’ve never bought it because I thought it was super unnecessary. I even tried using it and would throw it back in the corner a few minutes later because it was so large and ridiculous. BUT THEN I ENTERED MY THIRD TRIMESTER and all things changed. I could NOT get comfortable for the life of me. So I grabbed Leach, this giant pillow that takes up way too much space, and gave it a chance.

From 28 weeks on, I lived with Leach. She came everywhere with me. She was with me on naps, overnight, and traveled with me. I took her everywhere. Regular pillows worked for a while but once you get to the stage of constant discomfort, she’s your girl.
Downside, she’s a huge bitch to lug around. The price ranges anywhere from $30-70. Currently, Leach is on sale on Amazon for $49.99. A pricey little pillow but it’ll help you sleep again since you can’t pop those sleeping pills right now. Give her a shot. She looks unnecessary but she’ll be your best friend, too.


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