Product Review Monday: Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Since my life revolves all things baby, another baby item review for ya!

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat


4 out of 5 Wine Glass Rating

What it is:
Pretty obvious, it’s a seat for babe! For babies 2 months or older (should have decent head control but it doesn’t need to be perfect) and up to 25 pounds.

Why I used it:
I bought this because I needed something for Kent to sit in that was more enjoyable than a standard swing in which he wasn’t able to work on his neck and head strength very much but more structured and supportive than a exersaucer or jumparoo. An “inbetween” stage, if you will, where he wanted more freedom but didn’t quite have the physical strength to keep himself sitting up. It is also an excellent price for something I’d use relatively short term.

A cost of $34 on Amazon I thought it was definitely worth a try for this awkward inbetween stage of my baby wanting to look around and feel apart of the action, while being independent, safe and secure. Every day when I get ready for work I plop him in there and he is happy the entire time. He loves looking around! It has toys attached that keep him busy and curious. The best part is that is allows him to sit up, with support, and he doesn’t appear to get bored or uncomfortable. This product is also very lightweight and folds up for easy storage. I would say we use this item several times a day for about 15-30 minutes each time. He is able to watch me cook, I can sneak in a quick workout, and he is happy and safe if I jump in the shower.

Downside: It’s a temporary piece. I wish I would’ve bought it earlier to get the most bang for my buck. As soon as he can sit up on his own or enjoy the exersaucer for a longer period of time this item will be old news. But it certainly does the job now and I’ve recommended it to all my friends!

And look… he LOVES it!


See y’all Friday!


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