Product Review Monday: The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

OMG I’m posting on a day that’s not Friday. OMG OMG And I had SOOOO much coffee today!! I’m so hyper that I decided to start a weekly post all about products. I’ll be testing out products for baby, mom, and the whole family! I’ll write my review each Monday on the blog.

First up… an item I’ve had tons of questions about!

The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

3 out of 5 wine glass rating


What it is:
A sleepsuit designed for babies who are transitioning out of the swaddle.

Why I used it:
I bought it when Kent was about 4 months old and sleeping like shit. The description of this sleepsuit says magic so… worth a shot. Plus, Kent was a huge fan of the swaddle. He loved feeling super tight and secure but he was breaking out of the swaddle at night and outgrowing it.

Magic? No. His sleep did not improve simply by putting this on. Calling it a magic sleepsuit is a stretch, especially for the cost of $40! However, his sleep did not get worse… so there’s that.
He loved it, though! It’s heavy enough to make him feel secure, just like a swaddle. He’s not able to roll over in it (yet) but it gives him enough freedom to move his legs up and down. Plus he’s able to easily self sooth. He can stick that little fist in his mouth as often as his little heart desires- and that, my friends, is a major bonus!
Plus the suit makes my baby look like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I mean, is there anything more hilarious than this?


Goodnight sweet darling, sleep tight!


3 thoughts on “Product Review Monday: The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

  1. You should try and then review the Zipadee Zip. My boy just started it. Again, not a magic bullet for sleep, but he loves it and is great for self soothing!


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