22 #RandomAF Things You Think During The 3am Feed

The monitor starts blowing up with high pitched screams. Your stomach sinks because you’re not sure if you’ve slept 20 minutes or 4 hours. You look over and the clock says 3am. Yes! 3 solid hours! You spring up out of bed to feed your starving baby. You enter the room and your baby looks at you with tears running down those sweet cheeks. You pick him up and he immediately is calmed. You sit in your rocking chair and begin stuffing that baby full of milk. Then your mind wonders…

  1. I should bring doughnuts to daycare so they give my child special treatment.
  2. This pacifier doesn’t work like it use to, his mouth must be growing.
  3. I should just get up for the day I’ve already had a solid 3 hours.
  4. When can he start wearing his Halloween costumes?
  5. I should call my old friend Lori more often. I miss her. I wonder if she’s awake.
  6. I should surprise Brad with a homemade dinner tomorrow.
  7. I need to get a babysitter for Saturday so I can go to Six Flags before it closes.
  8. I should check my work e-mails and respond to one of them so people think I work all the time.
  9. I am going to start training for a marathon tomorrow.
  10. I am going to start letting this baby cry it out… look, he only ate 2 ounces. He couldn’t have been that hungry.
  11. I should send my grandma a card in the mail.
  12. I need to make sure everyone I know is registered to vote. I’m going to send out a text right now so I don’t forget.
  13. He’s asleep now but in my arms… should I just stare at him and savor this moment like people tell me to or go back to sleep like a normal person?
  14. I am going to start dressing more trendy. I should buy some bell bottom jeans.
  15. I should start setting my alarm to wake up early and work out. It would be nice to have it over with in the morning.
  16. I should sleep in tomorrow because I am not getting enough sleep tonight.
  17. Look at him, he’s so precious when he sleeps. Maybe I should just bring him in my room with me. No, that’s a bad idea. Put him back in the crib.
  18. I wonder if his hands are cold… I need to buy some gloves for him to sleep in.
  19. I should invent gloves for babies to sleep in.
  20. I should also invent a gadget to have attached to the crib for the pacifiers to go in because I never know where they are. Does this already exist?
  21. Ok he’s in his crib now but I forgot to burp him. He won’t die, right?
  22. I should write all these thoughts down. I’m psychotic.

If you can’t relate because your baby sleeps through the night then…image

Happy 5 months to my adorable, smiling, starving baby yesterday! He makes my heart happy… even at 3am.




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