12 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now!

Anyone else need an extra dose of happy in their lives today? Today I’m focusing on a glass half full. That’s what HappinessGlass stands for after all. So I’m going to fill this mother F*cking glass. Fill it with things that make me happy. Sometimes when life gets us down it’s hard to focus. It’s hard to remember how lucky we are. LUCKY. So lucky.

Things that make me happy right now

  1. The office. #CurrentObsession
  2. Brad. No words for how much I love you! We’ve made it through 3+ years of residency life, 1.5 years of infertility, and 4 months of parenthood. And you’ve held my hand every step of the way. Refusing to respond when I say I look fat. Complimenting me when I put make up on. Making me dinner when I’m too tired to move. And giving me a big bear hug every night when you get home.
  3. Residency is almost over. Residency is almost over. Residency is almost over. #3MonthCountdown.
  4. Baby Kent Oh, Kent. My beautiful, one dimpled, smirking, cooing, fidgety little boy. Last night Brad and I put our arms around each other and looked over from the kitchen to see you cooing and smiling in the other room. We took a moment to think Look at him! He’s ours. Can you believe it? We have a baby. Half you. Half me. We are so lucky. That was a good moment.
  5. Baby Smiles
  6. A vacation. Ok so we have, like, never gone on a vacation. Not even a honeymoon (yet) #ThanksResidency But now that residency is almost over we are going on our honeymoon in January! I want to zip line, surf, drink sugary alcoholic drinks while swimming in a pool. I want to see a shark. And a whale. And dolphins. PS- mom can you watch Kent? #PrettyPlease #MaybeHeWillSleepByThen
  7. Eating by myself.
  8. Finding the missing match to my socks. I actually found the match to Brad’s this week outside in the flower pot. #ICantMakeThisUp
  9. Wine. Like I could forget the best coping skill I have.
  10. Endorphins. Working out sucks until it’s over… then it’s awesome.
  11. My mom. #Obvi
  12. Sunscreen. This may seem random… but this video always puts me in a good mood.


Sometimes life is great. Other times it’s a challenge. But with a healthy baby, a loving husband, and an ass that won’t quit… what can I honestly complain about? My life, right now, is what I dreamed of. My glass is half full. And I love Dwight Schrute. #TheEnd #Cheers.


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