Holla at my Newbies : A little about me.

I started this blog for no other reason other than to distract myself from my infertility journey… and by distract myself I mean to talk more about it. If it was possible to talk something to death, my infertility journey died. Lots of times. But it didn’t take long for this weekly Friday posting to became more of a hobby. I began to connect with others who were also shooting themselves up every night with high doses of ovarian stimulation drugs… you people are my favorite.

And now life looks a lot different. And so does my blog. And so do my readers. So I want to take today to say Hi! And introduce myself to anyone who is new to HappinessGlass. Welcome. You must like wine… and curse words… so we are gonna get along real fucking great. 

I’m Mallory
 a 30 year old outspoken, outgoing ENFJ* who still calls her mom every day and imagegets the shakes if she doesn’t answer. I hate being told what to do. I like to cuss because it makes me feel like a badass. I like wine… for the same reason. I am allergic to wheat and corn. I might be the only Iowan allergic to corn… ever. Some people criticize me for having too much energy. And talking too much. Both of which are true. I’m from Des Moines and went to Iowa State University for a degree in Child Development and Family Services. Although I’m pretty positive I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about child development other than I believe Kent should be sleeping through the night. I went to graduate school at the University of Iowa for my Masters in Social Work. I work for hospice as a bereavement therapist for children and families. This is probably why I cuss and drink so often. On the flip side I like a good sweat sess. I’m a bit of a gym slut, willing to try anything once. My motto is, if you’re gonna be a slut, you should be a gym slut.
*take your Myers Briggs personality test here

I met Brad in college at a bar, of course. He’s freakishly tall with charming good looks.10991424_10102388456176640_2855088393030633595_n I begged him to marry me that night and 5 years later he finally agreed. We’ve been married over 3 years. Happily, of course. RIGHT, BRAD? You know when you just mesh well with someone? That’s him. He gets it. And he is very sweet. He’s impossible to be mad at because he’s always trying his best. I find this quality both wonderful and annoying. He works very hard. He is finishing up residency this year. Thank you Jesus.#Finally. Residency is fucking brutal. We have lived in Chicago for over 3 years for residency and can’t wait to get back to our Iowa roots. But we’re almost there. And better yet, we have a little baby to end the journey with!


Meet Kent.
 Named after my maiden name. My adorable baby who loves to smile. But what he loves more than anything is eating. ALL THE F-ING TIME. Bless this growing baby. He loves eating so much that he can’t go more than 3 hours without food… ever. But we’re working on getting that tiny tummy to become bigger… like his fat rolls, which are growing at a rapid pace. After arriving 5 weeks early (read my traumatic birth story here) and weighing 5 pounds, he has now, at 17 weeks, tripled his birth weight. And he has totally changed my life. Despite my constant complaints about lack of sleep… I love him more every minute. I actually miss him right now. And he is literally in arms reach. He has helped me grow as a person to become more patient, more loving, and more appreciative. And those smiles are like gold. I am so excited to continue to watch him grow. He’s a very lucky boy to have two parents that love him so much. I’m excited for him. Is that weird?

So that’s us! Me and my tiny but mighty little family. Whether it’s in relation to your infertility journey, your life as new mom, or you simply just love a good dose of curse words on your Friday afternoon… you’re here! And I’m grateful for you to share some laughs and tears with me each week!

If you have a blog or instagram account, please link it in the comments and tell me about yourself! I want to get to know you. 

Remember, I never write a post without a glass of wine. So don’t be a biotch and leave me drinking alone.#Cheers

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13 thoughts on “Holla at my Newbies : A little about me.

  1. Hey Mallory! I’ve been following your infertility journey for a while, you were one of the first fellow infertility bloggers I found when I started my blog about my own infertility struggle about a year ago. (www.hannahbook.com and @thehannahbook on insta) So in case I haven’t said this already I wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS on Kent’s birth! He is such an adorable baby and he’s clearly very loved! I’m so excited for you guys & it’s fun to see you being parents now. It was great to get to know you better in this post! Good luck with all the motherhood things!


  2. I love reading your blogs every week! They are fantastic so funny and uplifting! Kent is absolutely adorable! I went through IVF as well and now have a one year old little girl named Andi. I decided to blog about the journey and am so thankful I did! I’ve met wonderful people along the way because of it! My blog is http://www.babybestpitch.com and Instagram is under Stacy Bestpitch

    Look forward to your Friday blogs!! And wine of course!! Hehe 😉


  3. I have been reading and following you for a long time and decided months ago that you are my online BFF. (now you know.) I’m currently carrying our IVF baby that was 3 years in the making and appreciate the humor you use in relation to how your life has changed now that you have your cute little Kent.
    Things you should know: choosing a baby name was the marital battle of a lifetime, I also cuss, mostly when my domestic pursuits aren’t turning out – you would think sewing would turn me into a proper lady, but NO. I’m not allergic to wheat but I kinda wish I was because it’s making me preggo fat. Also I work in the auto industry and yes, your car salesmen do try to screw you. But not me. I don’t sell cars.

    Insta: @caligoff. Mine’s not as cool as yours. It’s basically belly shots and pictures of my dogs.


    1. hahaha sewing would trun you into a proper lady… that’s hilarious! I tried to knit onces, pretty sure I’ve never said more F bombs in my life. And PS- I also have like a LOT of BFF’s and they don’t even know I follow them but… we’re best friends… i get it. I’m following you now.

      pps – i fucking hate car people. mostly because my husband got screwed because he’s FAR TOO TRUSTING. They totally screwed us! lol Live and learn I guess!


  4. Hey Mallory! I love your blog, its so relateable for me as a new mom as well and your sense of humor always has me laughing when I read your posts! I found you on insta and have been following for awhile now (my username is _blessedjess). I recently started my blog (though I have no idea what I’m doing, ha) to keep track of my baby girl who seems to be growing like a weed, I am sure you know the feeling! I also love a good glass of wine and crappy reality tv shows, so I am sure we would get along great IRL. Have a good weekend!


    1. I didn’t know you started a blog! I will check it out! Thanks for commenting! I definitely follow your journey already too! You’re doin’ awesome and let’s be honest, nobody knows what the F they’re doing… and if they do… screw it. #clinkclink

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  5. I’ve been following during my interfertility journey that became a pregnancy just a few weeks before you! Baby girl Elizabeth arrived 3 months ago and I just finished my first week back to work. Cheers to the endless bottles of wine that get us through the days of being working mommas of a newborns @maryelizabethlloyd


  6. Chick. You know who I am but I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we are FINALLY headed into transfer on FRIDAY!! (This also means I am guzzling far too much wine at the moment because it’s all over in FOUR. DAYS.) Anyways, the blog is shehasgoodgenes.com and my insta is @tgendooza but we already stalk each other so you get it. Have a great week!


  7. I just came across this post randomly but you had me laughing I to love to cuss and drink wine but I’m currently breastfeeding my ivf miracle so wine is currently a rarity lol I’m subscribing now I blog to but I’m on my phone and not sure how to link it from my phone…


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