7 Ways To Make Going Back To Work A Total Success

As my first week back to work has come to an end. I find myself reflecting on how rejuvenated and fulfilled I feel today. I miss him so much. And honestly, it feels kind of good to miss him a little #AmICrazy? I regularly wonder what he’s doing. I remind myself chances are he’s eating, pooping, or sleeping.

I am cherishing my time at work talking to clients again, using my brain for more reasons other than asking myself “why is he crying?” wearing normal clothes and eating a sandwich alone.

7 Ways To Make Going Back To Work A Total Success:

  1. Have a trial day. I spent two hours in the morning just watching from the sidelines… observing the room as they go about their normal day. Then I left for 3 hours. Yes, those 3 hours you’re going to bite all your nails off. It’s fine.
  2. Have a support person come with you the first day. In my case, thankfully, Brad was able to come. We were able to get him situated and leave him happily laying in his crib as he drifted off to sleep. I had Brad to drag me out of the room if necessary. Thankfully, it was not.
  3. Call daycare every time you feel like it. It may be helpful to warn them that you’re going to be doing this. I called three times in 6 hours. I don’t give a rats ass if I’m that annoying mom I promised myself I’d never become.
  4. Treat yourself to something you love. For me, I went to Starbucks. Loaded myself up with a massive amount of caffeine and sugar.
  5. Go to work late. Leave early. If this is possible for you, I can’t stress it enough. It made it so much easier to leave him each day knowing I’d be back soon. I’m no employee of the month but I don’t think I’m going to get fired either… so…
  6. Dress him to impress them. Because everyone knows people pay attention to babies who are dressed the best. Don’t lie to yourself… this is a reality. And plus, makes for great pictures.
  7. Spend time in your office printing pictures of your baby and surrounding yourself in his gorgeous glory. Also, go around showing people pictures and talking about him. People might be annoyed but this isn’t about them. This is about survival.

And I want to add… or brag… I actually didn’t cry. I didn’t cry until… I got home with my baby because I was so happy to see him. That’s when I cried. And that’s a success, my friends!

Seriously look at these pictures from this week. My heart melts. He’s basically in college…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, am I employee of the month? Not a chance. Is my work ethic shitty? You bet.

But I never apologized for being late. I never apologized for leaving early. I just am trying to do the best I can by merging my new life with my old life without getting fired or crying my eyes out. I’m more than a mom. I’m supermom. #JustKidding. But I am more than a mom. And it feels good to be reminded of that. And that Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino fucking awesome.

Also, tip #8. Wine. Always, wine. #CopingSkillNumberOne


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