A New Direction: Life After Infertility

All week I’ve been pondering about what to write this week. Orginally I started this blog in efforts to break the silence about infertility. Reach out to others who experience similar pain. But mostly a way to deal with my own personal infertility. A way to bring my family and friends to a place where they could learn about what I was going through. And a place for me to vent, connect, and vent some more.

Eventually this blog progressed to much more than infertility for me. It became a place for me to talk about being married to a resident doctor… a commonly misunderstood world. A place to talk about my passion for fitness… not to be confused with being a health nut. A place for me to utilize my therapeutic expertise to provide advice for those asking. And of course, a place to talk about my love for wine.  #ClearlyNotAHealthNut #CheapWineIsTheBestWine

And now, with the hope that infertility is behind me (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!) and residency coming to an end… I think the natural progression of this blog will…

Any guesses?

That’s right.

Mom blog.

Why do those words kind of make me cringe? Dare I say I’m going to dive into the thick and let’s face it, predictable world of mom blogging?

I can’t help this natural progression into being a mom, writing about being a mom, and my new baby. And for all my infertility readers… I’m still in your corner. And always will be. I plan to continue to my #HeyMallory segments. I plan to continue (and increase) my posts and discussions regarding fitness (Seriously, not a health nut. Eat all the chocolate!) And I plan to drink wine. Duh. 

So with that said… because I’m a mom of a newborn who always wants to be held, my husband just got home from a 13 hour shift, I’m exhausted from my first post partum workout, and I’m on my second glass of wine… I’m gonna call it. This is all for today.

Stay tuned next week for a much more exciting post. I’ll be writing about all my favorite and YOU NEED THIS newborn items. Seriously… you need these things.



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