Introducing Baby Halverson

As many of you know, baby Halverson made an early appearance last Friday night. Of course this was totally unexpected, not ideal and the entire experience was far from perfect. With that said, I’m not ready to write about my birth story yet. Many of you have shared your excitement to hear what went down to bring the baby so easily but to be completely open and vulnerable with you, just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Every time I lay down to sleep, in which I have about 1.5-2’hours before I need to the feed baby again… I have flashbacks and I start crying. Tonight I had 2 hours to sleep and as I laid down the flashbacks started and I couldn’t get them to stop. I eventually got out of bed to go be soothed by my husband.

So today I’m going to simply, and excitedly, introduce you to our new baby BOY, Kent Matthew Halverson.


Born May 13th, 2016 at 8:41pm. He weighed 5 pounds 3oz and 19.5 inches long. He is perfectly healthy, perfectly adorable, and any other way a perfect baby could be. His first cry sounded like the most beautiful little piggy I’ve ever heard.

Due to my c-section I wasn’t able to really hold him until the next day when they rolled me in to the nursery where he was under the light to treat his very mild form of jaundice. He remained under that light for about 24 hours and then was totally fine. He was fed through a g-tube for about 24 hours and then was able to take a bottle.


Almost immediately after surgery the nursing staff provided me with a breast pump to get that milk production goin’. I was pumping every 2-3 hours from The wee hours of Saturday morning to Sunday withouta drip of success. On Sunday they brought me Kent and he latched on almost immediately and he’s been breastfeeding ever since. He’s done remarkable. By Monday they said he had gained weight (usually babies lose weight after delivery. Kent lost 6% of his weight within the first few days) so this was a reassuring sign.

We were finally discharged home on Tuesday. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions – good and bad. But since being home I have been able to get a little more sleep since Brad has been off all week and started adjusting to our “new normal.”


About the name- Kent is my maiden name. Being in a family with all girls including my three nieces, I’ve always wanted to carry on my last name somehow. Kent seemed perfect. And he is.

Lastly, a few pictures to make your heart go “awwwwwwe.”



Thanks for reading. Your love and support has been amazing.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Baby Halverson

  1. I’m sorry that your birth experience wasn’t what you had hoped and that you’re having flashbacks. But I’m so happy that Kent is healthy and you guys are all at home together. He is so teeny and precious. Can’t wait to read more!


  2. I’ve beening following you from what feels like the beginning, and I hoped and prayed for you and baby Kent! You’re such a beautiful person Mallory! You deserve this! Congrats on your baby boy!


  3. Congrats girl!

    I would hope there would be a lot of women who say their birth experience wasn’t what they expected. And I’m sorry it didn’t turn out well. I hope you can move past it and start recovering. 💕


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