Third Trimester is here! 28 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s official. It’s the third trimester. Like, whoa. On one hand I wonder where the hell the time has gone. Especially the past 10 weeks. It’s like I blinked and I’m in the third trimester. But on the other hand, I feel I still have a long way to go.

Before we dig into all things pregnancy let’s talk real for a second. I’m super excited to get going on the nursery.  All these ideas keep coming to me BUT, if you’ve been following me for a while you know… I’ve got a stranger living in my house. A stranger. {To catch those of you up who don’t know, we rent our spare bedroom out to strangers each month via airbnb for extra cash. This is the last month we’re doing it). And this kid is annoying. Let me take a tangent to explain the last annoying thing he did:

He went out on St Paddy’s Day. Okay, that’s normal. Fine. Brad and I both worked so we were living life like normal. The next morning, Brad’s alarm goes off at 5:00am like usual. Of course this is the morning the clocks are set forward so really it feels like 4:00am. I was also awake because I had to take Brad to work that morning (long story, but our car is a piece of shizzzzzit) I was laying in bed while Brad was in the shower when I heard A KNOCK AT OUR BEDROOM WINDOW. WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFUCK. I jumped out of bed so fast I swear it was a record. I sprinted into the bathroom to tell Brad, “BRAD, OMG, I’M SHAKING. SOMEONE JUST KNOCKED ON OUR BEDROOM WINDOW.” Brad’s response, “Urg… I’m in the shower!” He didn’t seem as surprised or scared as me. I hid in the bathroom until Brad was done getting ready. Because it was still dark out we decided to not turn any lights on so we could look outside… but nothing. Of course Brad was convinced I was hearing things but there was no doubt in my mind. We turned on the outdoor lights and low and behold, a minute later, little stranger roommate man knocks on our front door. Brad answers, “what’s goin’ on man? What happened to your key?” Stranger: “I lost it and I lost my phone. It’s been a long night.” He was clearly still wasted. He said he passed out outside for a while  #Perfect. But then it started raining so I guess the next best thing is to knock ON OUR WINDOW. Then Brad said “yeah. Go sleep it off.” The kid shamefully walked to his room and went to bed… for the rest of the day.

I mean, are there any words? #SoOverIt Less than a week and this kid is out of the house. Finally. And for the first time in nearly two years, we will be free. We can walk around in our robes. And I don’t have to wear a bra. Or be worried some drunk stranger is going to try to break into my bedroom. Final countdown, people.

With that said, the moment he leaves that guest room is going to magically transform into a beautiful baby LaLaLand. And I’ll be sharing all my plans and nursery inspiration next week!

Ok. Let’s talk pregnancy. Third trimester. It sounds so official. I mean, really, this baby could come any time and survive. I read today that if I had the baby today it would have an 85% chance of survival. #ShitIsGettingReal


Supporting my Cyclones today in March Madness!!

How far along?  28 Weeks (and one day. But who’s counting)

Total weight gain/loss: +24lbs. I seem to be consistently gaining a pound a week for the past 12 weeks. I’m counting my pre-IVF weight as my starting weight and it will be my goal weight after baby. (IVF I put 5 pounds on so really I’ve only gained about 20 pregnancy pounds but I am only going by my pre-IVF weight since that’s my goal post-pregnancy)

Maternity clothes? YES.  I have moved up a size in… everything. Shoes – up .5 size. Bra – up two cup sizes. Maternity shirts and pants fit best but regular shirts and pants (NOT JEANS. I REPEAT, NO JEANS FIT ME. In fact, they haven’t fit me since I did IVF haha so… maybe one day I’ll wear regular jeans again) still fit. I continue to wear my non-maternity leggings and t-shirts. But those t-shirts are going to RIP soon. 

Stretch marks? Nope. 

Sleep: Sleep like a baby. 

Best moment this week: The baby moving has been so crazy lately. This week we could feel certain body parts – although you can’t see them specifically, if you touched my belly you could feel the foot and leg. Brad can feel where the head is most nights now. Although I can’t tell a difference between an elbow and a head. But I’ll take his word for it.

Worst moment this week: Knee pain! Prior to pregnancy I suffered from a knee injury due to overuse from workouts. I actually have not had any issues with this until this week, which is surprising. But I think the fact I’m avoiding high intensity workouts and focusing more on low intensity exercises like squats and lunges has caused the knee to flare up. Also these extra 24 pounds aren’t doing my knee any favors! 

Miss Anything? Not a ton. Of course I miss not running out of breath after 10 seconds of fast paced talking… haha that has been a problem. I run out of breath so easy. I guess I just miss feeling like myself physically. 

Movement: All the time! Everywhere. The baby is everywhere. I swear the baby’s leg was somehow in my thigh the other night. 

Food cravings: Never had any real food cravings. I just eat whatever I want for the most part. It’s been wonderful. And relaxing. And fulfilling. Carbs have been a particular crowd pleaser for myself and baby.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 

Symptoms: Nothin’ – I feel so much more normal than I expected I would feel. And more normal than I look, too! haha 

Have you started to show yet: OMG. Obvi. And everyone has an opinion about it. One day last week in the morning someone told me “You’re so tiny! eat up!” A few hours later someone said “Whoa! You’re big for 27 weeks! Good luck!” #ThanksBiotch I mean, I can’t win. And also, I didn’t ask anyone’s opinion in the first place. There’s very little control you have over what you look like pregnant. It is what it is. I’m just thankful there’s a bump to show. I love it. I feel special!

Gender prediction: OMG you guys. This. I don’t know! A week ago I had a dream it was a boy. My dad was so happy. But I’m definitely hanging on with the idea it’s a girl. No reason. Brad thinks it’s a boy. No reason. #ItsACrapshoot 

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button in or out? So weird. It’s just weird. It’s neither in or out. It just is stretched. #SoSexy

Exercise? Still working out 4-5x a week doing weights and light cardio. I’ve stopped running though and moved to the elliptical. I continue to do step class (with no risers), started swimming this week, and teach 5 classes a week at the gym.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! I feel the same as usual! Although I’ve become more annoyed with people feeling open to say whatever they want about my body. It’s really strange having people openly share their opinions about your body. Like, leave me alone. Even if it’s positive. It’s just weird. But otherwise, I seriously have had no real mood problems. 

Looking forward to: NEXT WEEK! Such a big week! I have my Glucose test on Monday. And on Wednesday we have another anatomy scan! OMG I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS BABY!! And Brad already told me he could come! Can’t wait!

Any Irrational Worries?  Am I going to start feeling really tired soon? Am I going to swell up like a balloon? Am I going to gain 20 more pounds? When will my energy sizzle out? Are my boobs going to grow even bigger? OMG. When do I start preparing my hospital bag? What do I wear to the hospital? …. never ends.

Stay tuned next week for updates on the anatomy scan, nursery inspiration, and kicking our stranger out! 

XOXO, Friends!


2 thoughts on “Third Trimester is here! 28 Weeks Pregnant!

  1. DEAD. I would be so pissed that some douche lost a key to our house!! I also have no idea how I’m going to control my mouth when people say weird pregnancy shit to me. I am already constantly grumbling under my breath to people…TO THEIR FACE. (I’m also in HR which is hilarious).
    Anyways, you DO look fabulous. I have no idea how “big” or “small” you’re supposed to be. You look pregnant, mkay? I START BIRTH CONTROL NEXT WEEK! IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!


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