4 Cliche’s My 13-year-old self Said I’d Never Do:

When you’re young you imagine your adult life will be so cool. You’ll be extraordinary. You’ll be anything but average. Average is so cliche.

Recently I’ve been daydreaming about my life. What it will be. What it has become. How happy I am right now. And all of a sudden… flashback to age 13.

When I grow up I’m not going to have a boring life like people do here. No, It’s going to be special. 

Do you remember how optimistic, how ignorant, and how ridiculous your life visions were for yourself? You knew everything. Your life was going to be special. Even glamorous. Your life would be big. Successful. And of course, you will achieve permanent happiness.

OMG. Hi, I’m 13 years old. I know everything. And I’m also really cool because I’m wearing head to toe Tommy Hilfiger. Here are…

4 Cliche’s My 13 year-old Self Said I’d Never Do :

  1. Move Back to my Hometown:
    13 year old self: “I will absolutely never come back here.” “Why would our parents live here? Iowa sucks.” “I’m only going to live somewhere that has year round warm weather, a big city, or lots of shopping.”
    30 year old self: I can’t wait to move home. If I could move into my parents basement right now without my husband divorcing me… I would. Des Moines is awesome. It’s safe. Great schools. They have an awesome farmers market. You get all four seasons. People are friendly.  What’s not to like?
  2. Work a 9-5 Job.
    13 year old self: “I can’t believe people actually do that. They must be too dumb to do something cooler. I’m going to be an actress. I will never work a 9-5. I will be doing the workweek hustle in New York City.”
    •30 year old self: It’s so convenient. You always know your schedule, it’s easy to plan around and you have every weekend free. Most people work during this time so I never am missing out on anything. Plus a reliable income. Thank God I don’t have to work weird hours.
  3. Refer to Myself as Mom… to my pet.
    •13 year old self: “Her mom calls herself mom… to their dog. So weird.”
    •30 year old self: “Come here Bruce, mom is home!” Bruce is my feisty little
    feline lover. I have never even really liked animals until I got a kitten. Which I only got a cat because I was depressed about IVF #1 not working and we both work too much for a dog. So it was quite risky if we’d even like the thing. Luckily we are both happily surprised with how obsessed we are with our cat. In fact, I miss him right now meow.
  4. Math. 
    •13 year old self: “This class is so stupid. I hate it. I will never need it. My calculator can do this for me.”
    •30 year old self: Marry someone who can do math. #NoRegretsHere

Do any of these strike a cord with you? What would you add to this list?

I never knew I would want so badly to be closer to my family and friends back home. I never knew I would appreciate the simplicity of a 9-5 job. Or call myself a mom to an animal (I have yet to use the “fur momma” title but I’m not above it. Give it time).

And I don’t know everything now. There’s a lot of living to be done. But I’m okay with being my 13 year old definition of average. Or cliche. Life is different now. And I’ve learned to appreciate other designer clothing outside of Tommy Hilfiger.

I’ll leave you with this… 25 weeks Bump shot fur momma style.


We have a doctor appointment on Monday! And so far, so good. Keep on growin little one! I think you’re on a growth spurt!


2 thoughts on “4 Cliche’s My 13-year-old self Said I’d Never Do:

  1. It’s so true…..I LOVE my stable, boring job. although the job itself is far from boring each day!! Weekends are amazing and I’m glad I know exactly what time I have to leave each day and what to expect. With all the chaos of IVF it’s NICE to have some stable and “boring” stuff in life. Like watering plants. Happy Friday gorgeous!


  2. Number of one and two were sooooo me when I was 13! You’re so right how we thought we knew everything when we were 13, yet we knew nothing!
    This made my day! Thanks for sharing! ❤


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