I own nothing but a chair… but I’m ready.

So, in case you’ve missed it… I’m pregnant. 6 months pregnant, to be exact. At 24 weeks I have officially entered the “VIABILITY MILESTONE!” Which according to all the 5 pregnancy apps I have on my phone means the baby has at least a 50% chance of surviving if it was born… TODAY. #WTF.

This means I am actually going to have a real human baby… there’s no turning back. Everything is working out. It’s all happening. Fast.

The feeling I have right now is very similar to when I went through my IVF cycles. It’s all consuming. While prepping for IVF (mentally and medically) every second of the day involved me thinking about what the next step was in the process. Today I take my second dose of menopur. Tomorrow I go in for an ultrasound. At 2pm the nurse will call for instructions. Every hour was accounted for during an IVF cycle. Let’s do a hashtag “stress.” #Stress

The all consuming stress that comes with infertility is totally gone. No stress here. Seriously, it feels so good. But being pregnant is still all consuming. But in a good way. Every step I take I’m reminded I’m pregnant. Every morning I wake up I calculate what day I’m on. Today I am 24+1 days pregnant. Which, side note, means I haven’t had alcohol in over 6 months. Dear God. I’m impressed with myself. Each week I glance at my calendar counting the days until my next doctor appointment. And of course, every day there’s reminders from strangers, co workers, or friends.  I particularly  love it when people call me Momma. “How you doin’ Momma?”

As the snow of the winter begins to melt and the sun begins to show it’s beautiful little face every morning, I am reminded our sweet little baby will be here in a few short months.

And although all I have is a rocking chair, I feel fully prepared. Remind me to laugh at myself for saying that when the baby comes. The closer June comes, the more ready I feel. Maybe a little behind on the material items but in my heart… so ready.

A little bump date for your viewing pleasure. #AbCheck

24 Week Baby Updates:

This baby moves, like, non stop. It’s the absolute best. Last weekend I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I could see out of the corner of my eye the baby kicking my stomach. Whatever you are in there, little babe, you are strong little sucker.  The baby  moves for Brad most nights before we go to sleep but in the event the baby isn’t moving Brad will push on my stomach to try to wake it up. But I’m convinced this is a bad idea. What if the baby is already in it’s perfect sleeping schedule and sleeping at night? DON’T WAKE THE BABY! #TotallyRational

Food & Cravings:
It’s quite possible I may be giving birth to a large piece of toast with nutella all over it. Because I swear to God, there are not enough carbs in the world to fulfill me. Or chocolate. But chocolate has been a long standing problem for me. But seriously, I might have to name our baby Carb. I’ve never eaten so many carbs in my life. And that reminds me, I need a sandwich.

Weight Gain:
I’m officially in the 20 pound club. #HOLLA I feel good about it actually, believe it or not. I truly don’t give a shit about my weight at all. I’ve really been enjoying being pregnant. I’ve let go of restricting myself of foods I don’t usually eat, like toast with nutella all over it, for example. I continue to eat a very balanced diet of about 2000-2200 calories every day. Sometimes more or sometimes less. Depending on my fitness level that day I will often go over the 2200 calories, per Dr. recommendations. I’m trying to be very cognizant of my nutrition and calorie intake and ensure I’m getting enough of everything to avoid having the same problem with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). I continue to work hard to regain my cycle after the baby comes, even during pregnancy. To learn more about my HA journey read about it here.  So I have no regrets about this weight gain. What baby wants, baby gets. And so does Momma.

I continue workout on a regular basis. Nearly every day I am doing something active. This month I’ve averaged a little over 4 hours of fitness every week. My workouts include light jogging (no longer than 2.5 minutes because my lungs feel like they are going to fall out of my chest… like the 90 year old lady that I am), walking, elliptical, and step class are my favorites for cardio. I continue to include plenty of lunges, squats, planks, and lifting into my schedule as well. I’m trying to take advantage of the fact that I’ve got a shit ton of energy and a willingness to do it!

Enter a caption

This app is how I keep track of my fitness. Goal is 4 hours a week. Of anything. No, walking through the grocery store doesn’t count. But walking TO the grocery store would. I like to see all the check marks. I find it very fulfilling. And it’s been an active month. {app: tracker lite}

Physical Changes:
Umm… my belly button looks really f-ing weird. Like my stomach is so stretched out I can’t imagine it stretching any further… and my belly button agrees. I would post a picture but I always want to puke when I see pictures of people showing their stretched out belly buttons. So I’ll save you from that. #YoureWelcome

My cankles are bigger than ever. Although not as enormous as I imagine they’re going to be in a few weeks. I might enter myself into the circus by the end of this pregnancy as the half-human/half-elephant legged woman. #Adorbs

And my damn feet hurt. I currently have arch support gel inserts in my shoes and compression stalkings on. Because I’m 100.

Otherwise, I’m sleeping great. My energy is awesome. And my appetite is even better.

Oh, and my mood, well… you could say I have a splash of irritability because when I was teaching my fitness class yesterday I found myself yelling,  “Are you people alive? MOVE! I feel like I’m in the twilight zone! I AM speaking English, right?” I know, it sounds so bitchy. And I’m not like the Jillian Michaels of the Olympia Fields Charter Fitness. I am actually really nice. And also if anyone is in the right lane and not turning right, I will tailgate you. And maybe honk. But otherwise, I’m a peach!


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6 thoughts on “I own nothing but a chair… but I’m ready.

  1. love it- though instead of you saying you count the days down til your next drs visit I thought you were going to say you count down to the days where you can have a glass of wine 😉


  2. Girl…I think they invented maxi dresses for the cankles…so get on that ‘ish when it’s warm enough! I know I will be doing it! I will also more than likely get enormous fat face, so will likely be busting out some Kim K contouring in the future. 🙂 Keep it up MOMMA!


  3. I love how active you are! I plan on staying fit during my pregnancy …hopefully getting on the baby train soon. Did your OB give you fitness guidelines or are you just trusting your body and doing what feels right?


    1. Thanks girl!!! My dr had me on restrictions until 10 weeks and then she said “whatever feels good.” As I get bigger I simply can’t do what I use to do like running far but modified exercise is the key. So far so good!

      Liked by 1 person

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