Our First Nursery Item – Check!

So I woke up this morning dreaming of a taco sandwich.

In other news…

Shit is getting real, peeps. I bought my very first baby item this week. The bargain shopper cheap ass person that I am, I have been stalking the reliable world of Craigslist for deals and steals on a regular basis. After several weeks of dedicated daily browsing for all baby related items, I found the perfect rocking chair.

Perfect is defined as: barely used, no stains, originally expensive, within 30 minute driving distance, able to fit in our hot ass Subaru outback, and the most important… inexpensive.

So here she is, in all her rockin’ glory.


Isn’t she a beauty?

What was the final price for this Crate and Barrel rocker? $100 smackaroo’s. Seriously? Seriously!

Buying the first baby item is a huge, monumental step towards acceptance that a new human will be arriving to our home in a few short months. And this new human will not be an AirBNB stranger taking up space, stalking my husband about how much medical malpractice insurance is, and leaving hair in our sinks… No. This will be a money sucking, yet, adorable perfect sleeper. I will continue to sleep 9 hours a night and feel well rested every morning. I will simply rock our little sweetheart every night soundly in our perfect little rocking chair, right after I finish successfully and painlessly breastfeeding that baby to sleep.

La La La

To continue to my Craigslist obsession post, I’d like to also brag about my impressive $80 day bed I found this week. Check her out.

image1 (1)

This gorgeous stunner was only $80. Originally from IKEA and they still sell it (for $300).  The drawers slide out and it props up to a queen size bed. Rad, I know. We live in a 2 bedroom home and obviously need a nursery. Of course the guest bed wouldn’t continue to fit in the nursery so the only way we could have a bed for slumber parties is if we had a day bed that fit in the room with all the nursery necessities. Who wants to come? Don’t all jump at once. But when you’re ready, head on over to the $80 day bed of your dreams. You’ll sleep perfectly sound next to my perfectly sleeping baby. No worries.

Thank you to everyone who supported me when I doubted myself in finding affordable, originally expensive, close in proximity, furniture items off craigslist.


Lastly, I’d like to inform anyone and everyone who was not already aware, Craigslist also has a page dedicated to “The best of Craigslist” this is for all the absurd, outrageous, random and awkward things people sell on Craigslist. I spent well over an hour laughing my head off. Please go.

My personal favs:

♦ Are you in need of a Money Toilet Seat?
♦ She’s looking for her one night stand man. Can you help her? The drawing is very detailed – you’ll for sure be able to spot this man if you see him.
♦ Could I interest you in a Stone Sofa?
♦ And who wouldn’t want this Human Sized Hamster Wheel?
♦ And advice on… How to Catch a Date on Craigslist

You’re welcome.


Baby Bump 2016 Continues

23 Weeks, baby!

Baby fetus and I are growing by the day and to be honest, I wouldn’t even realize it until I see myself in the mirror. Or strangers comment on how big my stomach is. Or friends. Or everyone. Yes, I know. I’m a small little lady with a big ‘ol bump.

Also with a splash of irritability. Watch it, people. Especially you, person in the right lane who doesn’t turn right, why are you here? Move. Get out of my way. I’m starving.

Last night I was at the gym where I work and I was walking to my studio when I overheard a STRANGER say “Every time I see her she gets bigger!” I’ll take that as a compliment, lady.
Now move, I’m starving. 

My workouts are getting harder. I’m definitely dialing back a notch or 10… I’m not really running any more. No jumping. But believe it or not, I am loving step classes. For the record, I don’t put any risers on my stepper. I’m like the 90 year old lady who is strangely in shape for how old she is… Yeah, we are friends.

Oh, and my feet really hurt. I’m assuming from the extra weight? It’s really only when I work out. But it feels like knives. But I’m also a huge wuss… so there’s that.

Otherwise all is good. I’m still eating as much as a football team on steroids and having plenty of energy.

Bless it. I’m a grateful round bellied woman right now.

Cheers y’all!


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