An ushy, gushy, Valentines Day love story

It was exactly 3 years ago I had the biggest, ugliest, happy cry I’ve ever had. It was 3 years ago Brad got down on one knee and {finally} asked me to marry him. After dating for nearly 5 years people were surprised that I was… surprised. But Brad never let on, suggested or gave me any inch of reason to believe he would be proposing… at all… despite my chronic bitching.

We met in college. He was dating my sorority sister. He was very tall, with a deep voice, book smart and extremely polite. Totally not my type. I preferred the guys who were about 5’9” with large muscles, picked fights at the bars, and drank too much whisky. I’m classy like that.

It wasn’t until I was closing in on my last year of college that we both had broken up with our other halves and ran into each other at the bar one night. I remember this day because I had spent the majority of it drinking at a house party with all my friends. I was drowning my sorrows of my failed relationship in a bottle of watermelon vodka. I went home to eat an entire pizza and take a nap, accompanied by some of my roommates. When I woke up late evening nobody was in my apartment. They had all left. Naturally, I assume they had gone to our favorite bar. So there I head, alone, to meet up with friends I’m not sure are there or not… again, I’m classy like that.

Brad stood there as a familiar face. I get a drink and try to convince myself I look normal coming into a bar by myself. Brad and I started talking and it was apparent it wasn’t his first cocktail of the night either. #Perfect I don’t remember much from that night other than the fact that we still laugh about me saying “Hey! You have nipples!” As I pointed to the adorable DIMPLE in his cheek.

We talked every day after that night. We just clicked. There was something special.

I remember two weeks, countless texts, and a handful of “non date lunch dates” later, I told my sister “If he asked me today, I would marry him.” I remember thinking She probably thinks I’m nuts. I don’t care. (Little did I know, there would be nearly half a decade before any ring would approach this left hand!)

It was the best summer of my life. I was totally smitten. I wanted to keep this relationship going as long as possible. The trouble is, I was moving to Kansas City after summer ended. We only had a few months before I left. We made the most of it.

OMG such babies. Concerts, motorcycle  trips, and ever-flowing cocktails… this was the best summer that I can ever remember.

And then I moved 3 hours away. And then he started med school. And we were never really “official.” So a few months after my move we mutually decided it doesn’t make sense. He’s got a decade worth of medical training to do, I just moved to a new city… our summer romance is over. The weird thing is about this break up… I never cried. I never felt sad. I was convinced “no biggie, this isn’t over. I’ll just wait.” In the mean time, date 10 guys, but I am probably going to marry him. Delusional? Probably.

I applied for grad school to get me back to Des Moines where he was in med school. #Stage5Clinger? But also where I could live with my parents while in school #AGoodExcuse. So a few months later, and seriously… I actually did date like 10 guys… I really did have a super fun time in those 3 months of our break up #JustSayin. I moved back. We picked right back where we left off… and hello, future husband.

Again, summer was here for another round of fun. And fun is exactly what we did.

I was so in love with him. Little did I know it was still going to be nearly a year before he said those big 3 words: I love you. He’s a cautious man, apparently. And 4 more years until he was finally convinced to marry me.

But times flies. I was finishing up grad school. Brad was finishing up med school. And after several years of laughs, trips and cocktails, he asked me to marry him. That moment… was the best moment. He proposed at my parents house, where I lived, one night at a family dinner. My adorable niece, who was I think age 3 at the time, was obsessed with marriage. She went around the table asking everyone who they were married to #Awkward since everyone was married except me. She continued “Gigi you are married to Papa.” “Momma you are married to daddy.” I avoided eye contact as I knew Brad and I were next on her list… At that moment I managed to stuff my mouth full of chips as I held my youngest niece who was about 6 months at the time.

She then asked Brad, Bubba she called him “Bubba, who are you married to?” His response: “Mallory, if she’ll say yes.” What the FFFFFFFUUUU…. and he got down on one knee. I remember my dad saying “SOMEBODY GRAB THAT BABY!” As I was likely going to drop that infant straight to the floor. Shocked. I think I cried for like 12 hours.

And like any more-than-ready bride to be, I got married 5.5 months later! I had to make sure he didn’t have time to change his cautious little mind.

So here we are. 3 years after he asked. 2.5 years married. Less than a year away from finishing residency. And 4 months away from meeting our beautiful baby.

And I have to admit something – I know people say they love their children more than anything. I can honestly not imagine loving anything more than how much I love Brad. I feel like this sounds absurd. Especially for those of you who have children. You are laughing at me right now. I know. But it’s the truth. And I’m documenting this to make sure I remember I felt nervous I wouldn’t love my child as much as I love Brad. I have a feeling in a year from now this statement is going to make me think She had no idea!

And I can’t wait.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone.


8 thoughts on “An ushy, gushy, Valentines Day love story

  1. Too cute!! My husband and I met and we both knew that night we were going to marry each other. Although, he did wait a few months to say I love you….we both felt it instantly. He didn’t propose until five years in, and, just like you, we were married within six months! Five years into marriage and it’s just the best!! Thank you for sharing your story!!

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    1. Oh man, that DOES sound familiar! Aside from the fact I would argue Brad did not fall hard at first… he needed a little convincing. But with a little bit of charm and enough peer pressure, it happened 😉


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