Mallory’s Story: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. That’s the correct spelling, right? This is the diagnosis that goes through my mind still in a regular basis. And this week I had the unique opportunity to share my infertility story on the Beat Infertility podcast. For those of you who are trying to get pregnant, please look into this podcast because OMG. So good. The interviewer, Heather, has had 7 IVF transfers. One of these transfers resulted in twins but sadly, she went into premature labor at 21 weeks and lost both babies. She never gave up. She’s pregnant. Again. With one perfect little baby. She’s almost to full term. Also works a full-time job while starting this podcast. Pretty badass.

Anyway, I was asked to share my story with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea on her show. I was super duper nervous. After we were done taping I had no idea what I had even said and prayed I didn’t say anything completely idiotic. We talked for a total of 45 minutes and she aired about 30 of those minutes so perhaps she edited all my idiotic parts out (if that’s the case, #ThankJesus) or… less likely, I didn’t say anything stupid. Regardless, I don’t feel like I sound like a complete idiot and I also didn’t sound like a little kid. Which I was afraid I sounded like. Apparently I’m on adult now.

A few bullet points from the show that I covered:

  • How I knew I had a problem conceiving and when I decided to get help.
  • My experience through 4 IUI’s and 2 fresh IVF cycles.
  • My feelings about my diagnosis.
  • End result (Secret’s out: It’s positive!)
  • Encouragement and advice to others.

Click here to hear the story:

Mallory’s Story: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

A little insight about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea:
For those of you curious, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, in a nutshell, is when the hypothalamus shuts down due to not enough body fat, over exercising, not enough nutrition, or extreme stress. It’s the one you hear about when people with eating disorders or athletes lose their periods. Although I’ve never had low body fat, I’ve never had an eating disorder, and I’ve never been an Olympic athlete… this was the thing keeping me from having a cycle.

However, I did enjoy high intensity exercise on the daily and did not fuel my body properly. I’d like to mention that due to the fact I never fluctuated weight much, was never underweight, and never felt shitty… I had no reason to think there was a problem with what I was doing. (Being on birth control camouflaged the problem) I’ve learned a lot in the past 2 years of knowing this diagnosis. I feel blessed it has taught me fundamental healthy lifestyle changes I’ll forever keep. And lucky that with continued improvement on fueling myself properly after a workout, I will dodge the infertility bullet on our next go around. #FingersCrossed

So please check out my story! Check out her podcast. She covers every single infertility diagnosis known to man. Even you, Unexplained!  And in the unlikely event yours is not covered, get on the damn show! It was a great experience!


And finally, as promised, a weekly Bump Date! 18 weeks, baby! Can’t believe how fast the past month has gone! And the babe is growing faster than any growth spurt I think I’ve ever accomplished. Must take after Brad! Haha!


I had to take advantage of the obvious front bump today. I put on this shirt and I was like “whooooooa baby! I look legit preggo! Bless you!” I absolutely adore being pregnant right now. I feel great. I have tons of energy. And enjoying all the food this little babe has been desiring!

We heard the heartbeat again this week- 143! Plus the doctor said I’ve gained 6 pounds since our last appointment 4 weeks ago! Haha! I think I’m at a total of 13 pounds weight gain, give or take. 🤗

I’m also happy to report that I can officially say I can feel movement! Pretty positive. I’ve been feeling it since 16 weeks but wasn’t convinced it was really… “It.” But I feel confident 2 weeks later that the little feeling I’m feeling is undoubtably my little babe movin’ all around!


See you all next week!!



3 thoughts on “Mallory’s Story: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

  1. So awesome! I struggled with hypothalamic amenorrhea, hypothyroidism, secondary infertility for several years and had four miscarriages. We did one round of an IUI which didn’t work but a few months later got pregnant on our own and I demanded to be put on Lovenox since I’m MTHFR positive. I’m happy to say I’m also 18 weeks! I’ve also gained about 14 pounds and its nice to see that someone else has as well 🙂 Also enjoying the extra energy right now! Hope it sticks around for awhile 🙂 Congrats!


  2. Hi Mallory!

    Thank you so much for linking your blog to me!
    It is amazing to see women overcome HA and make their motherhood dreams come true! You are going to be a wonderful mother to this little one, and I wish you continued success and a smooth sailing pregnancy! I’ll be following your progress ❤



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