It’s Facebook Official!

This week we announced our pregnancy to the world wide Facebook to make it truly official. I had a lot of anxiety going into this. During this infertility journey, days turned into months, months turned into years, and soon I found myself dreading to log into Facebook in fear I would see the “We’re expecting! What a surprise” #CuePuke or my personal fav “We’ve been naughty.” #Gross #PukeMore Also #PassTheWine.

My fear is that I am now one of those people. No way. This wasn’t a surprise. We have not AT ALL been “naughty.” Seriously, Ew. In fact, as our little embaby was being conceived in what I imagine in the most adorable dish in the world, I was doing one of two things: 1) Drinking Wine 2) Drinking Wine while crying from nervousness. Or just crying. Because I’m on a shit ton of drugs. Or because… just because. Because.

So in a world where Facebook announcement are not only expected but frankly, socially unacceptable to NOThow do I post our announcement while avoiding the one thing I dreaded people doing the most? Seeing pregnancy announcements is heart wrenching when you’re in the depths of infertility. Or even in the beginning of trying to get pregnant.

With each passing week of being pregnant I’ve been researching clever ideas that would be suggestive that we weren’t your “normal” easy-to-get-pregnant friend. I spent hours upon hours on Pinterest searching for ways that would capture how excited we are without making anyone sad, mad, annoyed, or otherwise.

And then I realized: IMPOSSIBLE.

As much as I agonized over the idea of making someone else sad on behalf of my own enjoyment, when I know damn well there are people trying, and trying super hard, to get what I’m so proudly showcasing… I knew I had to bite the bullet and celebrate the awesomeness of creating life. Not to mention, I want to celebrate it! Whether it was a natural conception or science is to thank, pregnancy is a freakin’ miracle people and we should celebrate! And I want to celebrate, damnit! So here it is, in all my over analyzing glory. Our Facebook announcement:

image1 (9)


Of course I warned Brad of how psycho I was going to be about this. That he needed to wear a sweater and block out an hour of his night to take pictures of ourselves – the fake smiling kind. That I wanted the Christmas decorations in the background. And most importantly, SHOW HOW EXCITED WE ARE! He obliged me. Good boy. He, to no surprise, didn’t understand what the hell this was about.

“So are we sending out cards? All our family already knows.”
” No, Brad, this is for Facebook.”
“Why I do care if they know?”

I am well aware this picture doesn’t mean much to anyone else but if you’ve struggled with infertility you might be able to relate to me on this. Announcing something you’ve been working so hard to achieve and you thought might actually be impossible is breathtakingly exciting. And I can’t believe it’s actually our faces in this picture. So, yes, I over analyzed this picture. Yes, I spent more time getting the filter exactly right more than I have ever done for any picture in my life. Yes, I will frame this picture forever and ever.

The amount of support, love and congratulations we received was incredible. I didn’t even know we even had that many friends. I’ve always felt like I’ve had an army of support throughout this journey. And now I feel like we have an army of support for this little babe of ours!

And I’ll end this rambling post with, as promised, my 2015 BUMP WATCH:

FullSizeRender (4)

As you can see, not much has changed other than my appetite is larger than a 16 year old boy on a growth spurt. I imagine little baby Halverson is about to start making a more prominent appearance in the next week or two with the amount of food I’ve been shoveling into my face. I’ve never felt hunger like this. I’ve also never had a growth spurt before. So maybe this is what it feels like. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy eating an enormous amount of food each day, other than the fact that my grocery bill is higher even when I’ve quit drinking.

You’re welcome to debut your cute growth spurt anytime, little one! Tic Toc!


5 thoughts on “It’s Facebook Official!

  1. I dream about listing all the things that we have endured in order to get pregnant on our FB announcement if we ever get pregnant… It IS a THING and you are most definitely allowed to obsess. Yours turned out very cute 🙂


  2. I so feel you on the Facebook announcement! We posted our pregnancy last week and it was nice to hear from people that they really saw our excitement. Because it is not just some pregnancy it kinda feel like a battle we won. I see the excitement in your picture and it’s nice to follow your journey. Congrats on the announcement.


  3. I had the biggest fear and anxiety of poring it on FB bc of the exact same thing. I also felt like it made me so vulnerable…like holy crap everybody will know now and what if something happens, then what? It’s a tough feeling to describe, but after some serious sweating, I hit POST and the outpour of love was enough to take away all the fear and anxiety. It was finally our time and we deserved that. It’s YOUR time and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. ❤🙏


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