Dear People Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol

I spent my Wednesday morning at a Jewish Women’s group. Am I Jewish? No. In fact, I don’t even really know anyone Jewish. #ThisIsAwkward. My boss wanted me to go to this meeting because it is “a good way to meet people in the community.” Ok. Sure. So here I am on a snowy, early morning… drinking bitter coffee, pretending to enjoy this disgusting apple they provided as their only source of “breakfast.” (Don’t tell me there’s going to be breakfast if it’s just an apple. That doesn’t count as a breakfast. Especially if you’re pregnant. And especially if the apples are gross. Tell me I’m wrong! I dare you!)

Anyway, getting distracted here… okay so rather than socializing with these women I have absolutely nothing in common with other than the fact we live within a 20 mile radius of each other, I chose to spend my time quietly smiling at strangers while silently guessing what their personal lives might be like. #TotallyNormal

I found myself thinking “Hmm, so most of these people are Jewish. All of them are at least 20 years older than me. I wonder if they drink wine.” 

For the record, I’m not wondering if they drink wine because they are Jewish. But because based on my judgement skills, they strike me as the non-drinking kind of ladies.

I began to sink into a vivid dreamlike state in which I saw these ladies with their families celebrating the New Year. I wonder what celebrating the New Year looks like… And all I could think about was “Do they drink wine?” 

WHAT IS MY PROBLEM! Why do I care if they drink wine???

Fair question.

Here’s why.

Now that I’m pregnant, alcohol is frowned upon. Or illegal. Or both. So I better not. But I miss it. And at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic I can’t help but feel like these responsible community citizens are being selfish. THEY CAN DRINK, AND THEY CHOOSE NOT TO.

And then it hit me: THERE ARE ACTUALLY PEOPLE THAT CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK! And this post is directed towards YOU!raw

I’m specifically talking about the able bodied, sociable people who choose not to drink for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON. Perhaps they are on a diet. These diet people are the worst. Perhaps they… I can’t think of another reason.  Wine is part of a complete diet. Hello. Am I the only one that thinks knows this? I’m sitting here NOT drinking because I CAN’T! And you CAN and choose NOT TO?


I feel like I’m not getting my point across. I’m going to ask for your help. If you drink wine please tag me in your photo of you drinking. I’m going to live through you. I also want to be your friend if you drink wine. #BFF I need to know that just because I’m not drinking {right now} doesn’t mean other people aren’t having fun. I’m concerned about the wine’s well-being. What if the wine is lonely and feeling sad for not being wanted. Don’t make the wine sad! Drink the bottle if you can! Don’t be selfish.

*Of course I’m not referring to those with addiction issues, health issues, or other issues of any kind. Also religious choice. You are exempt. But that’s all.*

2015 Bump Watch: 12 Weeks Pregnant, Baby!

Which may turn into the 2016 bump watch.

PicCollage (3)

I really am ready to have a bump. So every day I wake up and wonder where it is. But for now, here it is… in all it’s non bump glory. 🙂

I’m feeling great! My appetite it out of control. I am hungry all the time. And it’s awesome. It’d be lying if I said my mood wasn’t a little on the irritable side (see current rant post). But other than that, I feel totally normal. My pants are getting a little tighter, believe it or not, but I imagine in the next week or two I’ll be living in leggings. BRING IT ON BUMP LAND!

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks for your support!


One thought on “Dear People Who Choose Not To Drink Alcohol

  1. I feeI like I could’ve written this (minus the Jewish women’s group). I miss wine so much I’ll pour a glass and smell it like a wino going through with drawls. I LOVE being pregnant but I can’t wait for the day I can have a Cab and a board of unpasteurized cheese.


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