Bra off / Hair up/ Belly Out

Today’s post covers my three favorite things!
1) Married to Medicine on a Holiday
2) 2015 Bump Watch
3) My Workout of the Week (for anyone who has had fitness restrictions, needs low intensity workouts, or you are like me and easing back into things – this is for you!)

Thing 1: Married to Medicine on a Holiday
So, as many of you know, I work for Hospice. Due to the fact that God still has people die on holidays, I have the option to work. Which is fine because Brad almost always works holidays. Also fine because this year I can’t sit at home and drink alcohol the entire time. So what’s the point? #SorryImNotSorry

Well, as luck has it…  The lucky bastard was told he has Wednesday – Sunday off. Huh? Time off? What’s that?  So he drove 6+ hours home to see his parents for Thanksgiving. So sweet. Except… I’M HERE. WORKING. AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! (albeit in my sweatpants. But still). Someone feel bad for me.

On one hand, I’m thankful the man who rarely has an opportunity of more than 24 hours off work can spend this joyous occasion with his parents, who love, adore, and miss him. But I’m stuck here. Working & Sober. Sober & Working. A combination I don’t appreciate at all on a holiday.

That’s enough complaining for a day I’m supposed to be thankful. So without further ado…

Thing 2: 2015 Bump Watch!
I’d like to share my first ever baby bump picture! I’m happy to report the ungodly progesterone bloat is officially gone and we have now entered the 2015 BUMP WATCH. 

PicCollage (2)
I didn’t plan on sharing this picture. This was for my lucky eyes only.. but I changed my mind. So excuse my resting bitch face.

I’m officially 11 weeks. I have zero symptoms. All bloat, fatigue, queasiness is pretty much gone… just a splash of food aversion to ensure everything is going well!
My pants do feel snug but usually after I eat. Sometimes I even try to enhance my bump to get bigger in hopes of some stranger noticing and commenting “when are you due” and I can proudly lie and say “February” haha This is easy to do by three simple steps:
1) Eat a lot of food
2) Drink a lot of drinks
3) Wear maternity clothes

I had an ultrasound last week and little Baby H was squirming all over the place. It was the first time I met with my OBGYN. She wore wedged high top tennis shoes – which were metallic gold. Her nails were painted bright pink. She was chewing gum. And had blonde hair. So I think we’re going to be best friends.

Also, I can honestly report the weird ass pregnancy cravings people talk about are real. I thought not drinking alcohol would bring my grocery bill down, but apparently I’ve replaced my drinking habit with a snotty and very particular food pallet.

For example, I need orange juice. So I buy some. I bring it home, pour it in a glass, take a sip, and BLAHHHHHH GET THIS OUT OF MY FACE! I’ve wasted so much food. Leftovers are a no go. Chicken is an absolute disaster – I won’t even allow it in my house. And salads.. no thanks. I’ve had to blend all my greens in order to get them down. So just for kicks – Here’s a list of random things I’ve needed and bought that I’ve never bought before:
-Rice Crispies
-Chocolate Milk (preferably poured over rice crispies)
-Tacos (only Taco Bell, which for the record, I haven’t had Taco Bell since at least high school)
-Cherry 7 Up
-Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Dr. Awesome also lifted my workout restrictions – THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!! And since I’ve been feeling nearly 100% I’ve been getting my fitness in. Leading me to step 3.

Step 3: My Workout for the Week!
I’m going to leave you today with a short workout to do if you are on restrictions or are slowly coming off of them (like me). This is the workout I’ve been doing for the past week to try to recover from taking 3-4 months off of exercise.

35 minutes of Cardio, Strength, & Core – LET’S GO!

  1. Cardio: (Option One: 1 min walk – 2 min jog // Option Two: reverse – 1 min jog/speed walk – 2 min walk) 
    0 – 1        Walk
    1 – 3          Jog 
    3 – 4        Walk
    4 – 6         Jog
    6 – 7        Walk
    7 – 9         Jog
    9 – 10      Walk
    10 – 12     Jog 
    12 – 13     Walk
    13 -15        Jog   **10 min mile pace — you have ran one mile!
    15 – 16      Walk
    16 – 18      Jog
    18 – 19      Walk
    19 – 21      Jog
    21 – 22      Walk
    22 – 24     Jog
    24 – 25     Walk
    **At a 10 min mile pace – you ran over 1.5 miles! #EasyPeasy)
  2. Strength:
    10 wide push ups 
    10 seated tricep dips 
    10 wide push ups
    10 seated tricep dips
  3. Core:
    50 crunches
    1 minute plank

    25 crunches
    30 second plank

And… DONE. Celebrate. Take a bow.

Here’s my motto for the weekend:
FullSizeRender (3)



3 thoughts on “Bra off / Hair up/ Belly Out

  1. Our diets sound similar at this point. Everything I think I want to eat, as soon as I get it I want nothing to do with it. It’s driving my husband mad but me even more!


    1. haha yes!!! All the food is wasted!! One day I finally caved and went to buy a taco… or three. When I got home, they gave me soft shell instead of hard shell. Well heaven forbid, so I didn’t eat it and bought what I really wanted the next day but once I took a bite it didn’t suite my fancy. My husband was like… where did all these damn tacos come from! hahaha


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