I have been on a streak of exciting news and I’m happy to report, it’s still goin’! I am branching out my blog and I want to hear from YOU! 

As a trained psychotherapist, licensed social worker, fitness instructor, infertility warrior, {happily} married to a resident doctor, a professional smart ass, and enthusiast for solving problems… I want to create a place that helps us all learn and overcome big ass struggles. Because we are all badasses – we just need to know we aren’t alone. We’re never alone. So without further ado, I present:



A safe place for the most personal and sensitive questions.
Nothing is off limits. Whether you are infertile myrtle, your fiance is being an asshole, you need workout tips to get in shape, or your husband just started residency… I’m your girl. 

I will feature a question or two each week. 

First post will be next Friday!


This idea originated when I was talking to 5 people all at once via e-mail, facebook, instagram, and text messages for the majority of my Saturday morning… all seeking out advice to solve a problem.

Here’s a few examples:
♦ Girl #1 wanted advice on whether or not to tell her friends she is going through infertility treatments.
♦ Girl #2 sent me pictures of her pregnancy tests and needed support and guidance about how to deal with another negative.
♦ Girl #3 recently moved to a new town for her husband’s residency and she was seeking advice on how to meet new people and make her new home… “home.”

And then it hit me… We need more support.

Let’s make this a place to share, to normalize, to learn… 

So I ask you…

What’s your struggle?

What’s been a pain in the ass lately?

Is your relationship where you want it to be?

Are you happy?


♦ Email:  HappinessGlass@gmail.com

♦ Facebook: Mallory Halverson

♦ Twitter: Happiness_Glass

♦ Instagram: HappinessGlass_ttc

There are many questions I have already received that are way out of my league and in that case, I will extend the question to you all!

Remember, this is a safe place to ask questions. Confidentiality is my priority and will not be breached unless you choose to share your information.



#Cheers     #WeCanDoHardThings      #HollaAtMe     #TGIF     #FistPump


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