The Results Are In



Lord that feels mighty good to say! It’s been a crazy week since transfer. It feels like a month ago. But before I go into detail I want to explain the infertility lingo.

4dp5dt = 4 days past a 5 days transfer = 9 days past ovulation.
Normal people don’t test until 14 days past ovulation. Hence, the “2 week wait”

*PS- I don’t trust people who have the ability to wait 14 days to test. #FreaksOfNature #MakingMeLookBad

Like a true psychopath, I started testing on day 4dp5dt. 

*Disclaimer: I did not test to see if I’m pregnant, I swear! I tested to make sure the trigger shot (which contains the pregnancy hormone, HCG) was out of my system so when I started the madness on 5dp5dt I would know if it was real or not –> refer to previous post to learn the evil possibilities of false positives and trigger shots*

As Dr. Phil would say, “this is not my first rodeo.” This is my 6th trigger shot in the last 12 months. I can almost pin point when the trigger shot leaves my system to the hour! So imagine my utter shock and confusion when it was positive. I didn’t even use the flashlight on my phone to see it! #ALittleTip #YouAreWelcome Of course Brad was at work, and like any hormonal, alone, and confused crazy lady would… I lost my shit. Diving straight into the deep end. I hope they have openings in the psych unit this week.

My response was as follows:
Holy Shit. There’s a line. Oh my gosh. What the Hell! There is definitely a line. It’s a real line. I’m not crazy. Am I? It’s too early. Certainly this isn’t real. But it is. {Shaking} {Can’t breath} What do I do now?

Call Morgan (older sister). Answer. Morgan, it’s positive! “Well, that’s a good sign, right?” WELL YEAH! “But couldn’t it still be the trigger?” I don’t think so! It’s always out by now! “OMG SO THIS IS REAL?” Shit. OMG. Now I don’t know. Is it possible? Holy crap. Maybe it is the trigger. It’s possible. But no. Probably not. But yeah, it’s possible it’s the trigger. DAAAAAMMMNNNITTT!


Okay, so the one thing I was trying to avoid, the limbo stage, which is why I started testing so early like a nut job to begin with, is upon me in full force. Is this real? Only time will tell.

unnamed (1)

5dp5dt: This is the day that matters. If it’s darker, it’s real. If it’s more faint, it was the trigger. No sleep for me. I woke up around 4am. Again, like a true crazy person. I test. It’s DARKER. #HolyHell I think it’s real. I’m cautious… it’s super faint. Brad still has no idea that I have fallen off the deep end. #Shhhh

6dp5dt: It’s darker. I’m celebrating in my brain. I think it’s real. Certainly rule out trigger by now. Don’t trip on anything. Don’t fall. You’re pregnant now. Brad still has no idea I tested.

7dp5dt: It looks like a real positive now. The lines are about the same color. It’s real. Seriously, it’s real. OMG, It’s real. I’m feeling confident now.

Here’s the progression:


I told Brad later that night before he heads to his night shift.
His response: “Whoa, it’s real! You’ve always shown me tests that you think are positive but they aren’t (this happened when I didn’t understand the trigger shot, damnit). This one is real!!” He had a huge smile on his face. It was a great moment.

And if you weren’t convinced I’m a crazy person at this point… bless your heart, get this–> I begged my nurse to let me in for an early beta test. (2 days early) So A) I could get confirmation so I could rest easy for a second! B) I wanted to tell our closest family and friends before I announced it on my blog.

Beta day was yesterday. 8dp5dt — Beta was 167. It’s a high number. The nurse says “I think both embryo’s took!” No, no, we only transferred one. “Really? These are high numbers. Maybe it split.” Okay, so no resting easy for me!

I’m sure the numbers are just high because it implanted so early. I’ll be back on Monday for another beta!

So here I am in all my glory… being pregnant. Not drinking wine on a Friday. It’s going to be a long 9 months, God willing, but we are so excited.

Thank you to everyone supporting us through this journey. It’s been an absolutely nightmare but a blessing all in one.
We may be a little scarred, a little more poor, a little more bruised from shots, and a little more worried about getting pregnant in the future. 

BUT we are stronger, braver, and have more passion for being parents than we ever could imagine. We are resilient and patient and thankful.

To sum it up. We are #Blessed.

I can’t wait to throw up from morning sickness. I can’t wait to be stressed about giving birth. I can’t wait to read all the things I can’t do while pregnant. I can’t wait to have cravings for pringles. I can’t wait to have a huge bump and work it like this:

unnamed (1)

Pray it sticks!


10 thoughts on “The Results Are In

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been following (read: creeping) after you posted a link to this blog on LDW, but I wanted to let you know that even complete strangers are excited for you 😉


  2. Even though I don’t personally know you, reading your blog has made me realize that while I may think I need to be checked into a psych ward, I am not the only crazy ttc lady out there! I am so excited for you! My ivf journey starts in January! Thank you for all your tips on ivf and best of luck to you!!! 😘


  3. I just stumbled upon your Instagram account and blog and I finally feel like you are vocalizing what I have had a hard time putting into words! I definitely do not feel so alone now after reading your entries and understanding what you are your husband went through. I am so glad to see you are FINALLY getting what you have been working so hard for! I hope I will have news this good in the coming months as I am going into IUI#3 after 1 and 2 failed. Next I am being recommended for IVF if this one fails, so your perspectives on what to know about IVF are super helpful.

    Again, so happy for your family on this news and thanks again for being a voice for some people that can’t quite put these feelings and journeys into words. 🙂


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