TWW Hell Fest


 TWW Hell Fest!

 The TWW Hell Fest is the two weeks you wait to find out if your IVF cycle was successful… or not. The worst part about the TWW Hell Fest is you have to take it so much more seriously- No more water slides, roller coasters, frozen margaritas or wine to get you through. Nope.  No more hot baths, espresso shots, or cold drinks (you gotta keep that uterus warm, ya know) You must act as if you’re pregnant. This is commonly referred to as PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.)

It’s an ugly place to be. And I’m totally PUPO.

The only great thing about being in the TWW during an IVF cycle is that it feels a little shorter, yet longer at the same time. Let me explain.

Retrieval day is considered the day of ovulation. But to me, it doesn’t feel like the dreaded TWW has started yet. You get an update almost daily on your embryo’s and how they are fertilizing and growing. So it’s almost like it’s a 24 hour wait until your next update. And that makes things go faster… until…

Transfer day. Which is usually 5 days after the retrieval. So if you’re a crazy person, like me, this means you only wait 5 days until you start buying $100 worth of pregnancy tests.

And that’s when the true TWW Hell Fest begins. 

Here’s the real problem. So you get psycho and decide to buy a $17 pregnancy test. The best kind out there. Surely this will detect it the earliest and then all this wait will be over! #ThinkAgain Let’s say you test on day 5… which is technically 10 days after you ovulated, which really is like 4 days before your missed period. Let’s say you get a positive… can you celebrate?


Because in the TWW Hell Fest you can’t get excited. A positive test that early could also mean you are just seeing the remains from the trigger shot you did before your retrieval… because of course it has to be complicated! The trigger shot can stay in your body for 2 weeks… or only 1 week… it’s a crapshoot, of course, so you go absolutely ape shit and lose your mind. You buy 3 more super expensive pregnancy tests and you can’t tell if they are getting darker or lighter… WHICH IS IT, DAMNIT?



At this point only 4 hours have passed and it’s still day 5 and you’ve already spent $30 on pregnancy tests. You have official jumped off the deep end. And there’s no end in sight.


Any other non-IVF cycle, this is when you grab your friends and go out for 50% off frozen margaritas on a Sunday afternoon to drown you fears. But not during the TWW Hell Fest. It’s not only frowned upon but your husband, mother, sisters, cousins, grandparents, neighbors, coworkers, friends, friends’ friends, ex-boyfriend, uncle, gardener, and everyone in the TTC community WILL JUDGE YOU! 

So don’t do it. My only goal is to not get admitted into the psych unit. Please Lord, help me.

In ONE WEEK I’ll have the official update.

Let’s hope it will be this:

unnamed (1)

And please Lord, not this:

unnamed (2)

My Embryo Update:

Retrieved 10 Eggs! Yay! Which is 3 more than last time. I was so excited until…

They told me only 6 were mature.

Then only 5 fertilized… I was pissed.

I was terrified going to the transfer because for one thing, I was alone #ThanksResidency but secondly, with only 5 fertilized, the changes of not having any embryo’s still kickin’ was totally possible.

Luckily, 4 out of the 5 embryo’s were excellent quality and we transferred One “Perfect” AA embryo and froze 3 more. 

We are so happy because this means GOD WILLING we won’t ever have to do IVF again because we will have 5 embabies in the freezer! #HighFive!

I mean, I know I’m biased and everything but isn’t this the cutest little embaby you’ve ever seen?

image1 (5)


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