A Change of Plans, Filling Voids, and… CHEERS.

I’ve gotta make this short and sweet because I actually have to work at work today… doing real work is the worst! Then I’ll be in the car all day heading to my family reunion in Missouri! #YeeHaw! However, after an overall shitty-ass week… I have some  VERY.EXCITING.NEWS to share.

A change in my infertility plan…

So, like many of my infertile besties… health insurance dictates almost every decision in my life. It determines:

  • If I’m going to have a frozen transfer
  • If I’m going to have a fresh IVF
  • If I’m going to freeze any embryo’s
  • If I’m going to transfer 1 or 2
  • The month of treatment
  • What meds I take
  • If I’m going to need to call my mom… #LetsBeHonest
  • #AndOnAndOnAndOn…

When you don’t have a lot of extra spending money every one of these decisions is agonizingly difficult. We were choosing to have a frozen transfer due to… let’s face it… money.

All of sudden it occurred to me yesterday to check how much I have spent in “Out-of-pocket” costs this year. So… what’s the verdict? I’ve spent a lot. #ItWouldBeFunnyIfItWasntMe. This is actually good news. It means, I have $100.49 to spend until my insurance covers everything 100%. 

What does this mean?

A frozen transfer would cost $100.49.

A fresh IVF cycle would cost $100.49.

Holla if yah hear me!!!!!!!

What to do… what to do…




We are super excited and looking forward to having a fresh start at this. I don’t have any details worked out yet at this time other than it’ll probably be in October sometime.

So everyone stand up… And do this:

Oh, and in case you missed it… my #TWW is over and I’m not pregnant. That was funny, right? 

Oh, and the kitten thing… well, we found the perfect kitten. When we filled out the paperwork it says “why do you want a kitten?” My response? “To fill voids.” And apparently these animal shelter workers take their job extremely seriously and saying you want a cat to fill voids is as dangerous as saying “bomb” on an airplane. Annnnnnywho, we arrived at the shelter one hour after our kitten became officially adoptable… Well, some BIOTCH (or more likely, some 8 year old kid on her birthday) got the kitten an HOUR before we got there. #DAAAAAMMMMNNNITTT!

God really doesn’t want us to be parents… to anything…

But I can’t figure out why…

The End.


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