Hashtag Excited!!!!!

And just like that… a new plan emerges. After a long chat with my hottie we are now preparing for a…



September 17th.

Ok, I know… I’m hella dramatic. Whatev. This is huge news for us!

*sidenote: we have 2 frozen embryo’s from our first IVF

So why were we not planning on doing this from the gecko? Because I have excellent insurance right now and we don’t plan on living in Illinois forever so we figured we might as well freeze some embryo’s right now while my insurance is good in the event we may need them in the future. When Residency/Fellowship is over… we are outa here! This was a good decision for us and we have been planning on this for over 3 months now.

So what changed?

Yesterday Brad proposed a brilliant question: “If we need to do a frozen transfer in the future and we don’t live in Illinois anymore, will our insurance cover the transfer out of state?” (out of pocket FET’s can cost $4-5K)

Whoa. #mindblown

I call the fertility clinic and insurance – Short answer: Not likely.

Ok, then! That was easy. No sense in wasting money. I’m ready to roll! Assuming I don’t ovulate in the meantime… considering I’m on day, like, 90 I don’t see that happening. #jealous?

The process starts in TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE!! at-dawn-we-ride

In 2 weeks we will start the process to transfer 2 embryos.

That’s right. 



So because the world is not fair- embryo’s are typically frozen in pairs, we have to thaw them out together and as a result, we either implant both or throw out the second one. And that sure as hell isn’t happening. #HellzToTheNo

The best part of a FET:

  • NO STIMS (injection medications used to stimulate your ovaries to produce tons of eggs)
    • I might not cry hysterically for no reason like a 13 year old hormonal teenager.
    • I might not look 8 months pregnant
    • I might not have to unzip my jeans when I sit to make them fit.
  • I can continue to exercise. #QuitJudging #ILikeIt
  • My arm might not look like a heroin addict from getting stabbed every other day for 14 days.
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars. #Holla!


I’ve gotta be honest with you. I could’ve started today. But through this entire process if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s the importance of prioritizing friends, family, and fun times in your life. Living in the present and appreciating what you have. 

Brad and I have a little trip planned to Iowa for a wedding over the Labor Day weekend. This would’ve been the day after my transfer which would mean: A) No alcohol at the wedding #HeavenForbid B) No dancing around #TryToStopMe  These are both of my favorite hobbies so… Absolutely not! I would never deny the opportunity to sip on a cocktail and dance with my man!

So, here I am. Being patient. I deserve an award.



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