I know, you’re thinking, “Say Whaaaaaaht?” Ok, being married to a resident, the Medical New Year is the best time of year! It’s a huge transition for many medical families. Especially those in medical school, residency or fellowship… the Medical New Year means you are ONE. STEP. CLOSER to the #itgetsbetter stage. That’s right. It’s a hashtag.

For example, for us the month of June consisted of 20 consecutive 14 hour shifts in the ICU. Half of these nights I slept alone. Every night I half-assed some soft of Pinterest recipe for him. Grocery shopped. Laundry done. Coffee brewing. Lunches prepared. Wedding gifts bought for his friends. Floors cleaned (Oh, can’t forget the day I got out the broom, like any good woman would, as I made my first sweep… maggots. How mother fucking perfect.  I knew a fly got in our house but really, it had to be PREGNANT? Lucky bitch. Just in time for Brad to leave for his overnight shift. Good timing, bud. #shootmeintheface. For the record, this was shortly after my failed IVF and right before I got diagnosed with cellulitis on my FACE! #truestory) I do all of this because I’m a 1950’s housewife… Oooooor I’m married to a resident. #woof


While Brad was drunk on a sleepless nights and saving lives, he receives a text from his attendee, “What weekend do you want off next month?” SAY WHAAAAAAT? This is our next step to the #itgetsbetter stage. Now that Brad is officially a senior resident he gets to choose 2 consecutive days off per month. Is this Heaven? This means Brad has more control over his schedule, and for me, fewer nights drinking alone while watching Dr. Phil reruns. And this is why we celebrate the Medical New Year. #jealousyet?

1013988_10101259930246650_1503251301_nThis pic is from the 4th of July 2013 – I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already since we moved to Illinois for residency. Scary and exciting. I may or may not have had boxed wine hidden under my chair.

On the fertility front, Cycle Day 66. CYCLE DAY 66! #killme. But somethin’ is brewing… perhaps, some cysts or a lining growing, or… dare I say, ovulation? Dull aches & pains, cramps, slight nausea and get this – I can actually see my swollen ovaries. Sexy. So like any hypervigilant, obsessive, and hormonal infertile woman would… I called my Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) (/ best friend) and I’ll be going in for an appointment Monday to see what in Gods name is happening. PS- not pregnant. #cheers

I just continue to eat avocados like Gustan eats hard boiled eggs.


Thanks for reading y’all!

Happy 4th #merica!


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