Hello world!

Blogging. I’m blogging. Here I am, blogging. Like, whoa.  But why? Of course I’ll go into great detail later but for now, I’ll chalk it up as mostly motivated by some significant challenges I’ve encountered in the past few years. No, I don’t have cancer. Yes, my family is beautiful and healthy. But I am struggling to accomplish something that most people accomplish without trying: making a baby.

I know, Wahhhhh, right? I figured since I can’t stop thinking about it, I might as well write about it. But don’t worry, I’m not as depressed as I’m leading on. And here’s why:

1) I married the love of my life. We have an awesome relationship. He’s (cue gag reflex) my best friend. I’ll get more into how awesome he is later. #LoveHim.

2) I have a great job that fulfills me. I’m a social worker. I’m employed at a local hospice and I work as a bereavement counselor. I spend the majority of my day being reminded that life is short. Oh, and also reminded I am #blessed.

3) My family rocks. My in laws rock. My friends rock. Nothing but love goin’ on here. I have had both friends and family stick me with needles during my infertility journey. Now, that’s love. Thanks guys. True love. #Grateful.

4) I teach group fitness classes and it brightens my day. If I could teach group fitness all day and still survive physically and financially, I probably would. #BeastMode

5) I drink a lot of wine. #Cheers

… Ok I swear no more hashtags. #sorryImnotsorry #cantstopwontstop

My story is unique. My story is complicated. But my story is my life. I fully intend on creating a blog that educates readers on infertility – you’ll have the inside scoop on what infertility really looks like. I’ll be mixing some fitness & health focused posts, as well as my journey in marriage to a resident physician. (which is arguably more interesting than my infertility journey, although I’m less amused by the day. Ha. Freakin’. Ha)

That’s a wrap. First post. #check!


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This is great Mal and I’ve been very inspired and educated by your instagram so I’m glad you’re doing this. Seriously no one really shares the details about what all is involved and no one should be embarrassed or ashamed-lets break down the negative stigmas associated with infertility


  2. Saw your IG while searching the tag IVF. 🙂 I’ll be doing my first round if all goes well late july. I have pcos. I don’t have anyone else in my personal life who is going through something similar. Thanks for having the courage to post! And good luck to you.


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